Vegan Tuna Salad

Easy Vegan Tuna

One thing I miss since becoming vegetarian is tuna salad sandwiches. They were something my mom would make me during the summer as a child and I loved to make them into melts as an adult. Thanks to pinterest and a trip to the grocery store, I created something that tastes surprising good…if not great. My daughter (meat-eater) even tasted it and asked for another bite. This dish is perfect for a sandwich or if you don’t want to be carb/calorie light, put it on some crackers and Bon Appetite!



    • 1 can chick peas, drained
    • vegan mayonnaise – I use Earth Balance, mindful mayo (only if you want to make this a vegan dish, otherwise use what you normally use)
    • celery, chopped
    • salt & pepper, to taste Add anything else you might enjoy in tuna fish salad. Sometimes I would put in pickles, sometimes I would mix in some mustard or even some lemon juice. All depends on my mood.


  • Using the back of your fork, mash chick peas until they resemble the consistency of shredded tuna.
  • Add condiments of your liking and get your grub on.
  • Makes 4 mammoth servings.

Calorie wise, this beast of a meal gives you A LOT of food, for under 200 calories. It’s AWESOME!

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