After I sent DLS to agents for consideration, I focused my attention on a New Shiny MS. I had an idea about a serial killer and it wouldn’t leave me alone. Right around the time I started my first page, I received my first offer of representation. Needless to say, that stopped me from starting the new novel.

lets do this

Once I signed with my agent, I needed to stay busy. ICYMI, you can read about my experience here. Hello New Shiny!  I’m a plotter. I pulled out the pitch, synopsis, and outline and started plugging away. Yes, I wrote both the synopsis and the pitch before I wrote the novel. Try it, if you haven’t. I wrote this novel faster than I wrote DLS. In 43 days, I keyed 80K. I know there are writers out there that write 3X as fast. I’m not one of them. I edit while I write, even when I tell myself not to. My first draft is very close to my final draft. For me, this is a huge feat.


I spent a lot of time with my characters before I started drafting. They started talking to me while my CPs had DLS. As with all my novels, diversity is present in a variety of aspects. Even though I knew my character’s back story as I started writing, I learned some interesting things about them as the pages unfolded. All I can say is my poor MC.

Now, it sits with my CPs to make sure I didn’t pull a  Jack Torrance.

all work and no play

How fast do you write?

2 thoughts on “THIS NOVEL IS DONE

  1. Not THAT fast! However, I have knocked out 10K on a weekend a few times this year. If I could stay home 100% and write I’d be spewing novels like James Patterson. Unfortunately, the day job interferes:-D

    1. Well, I am at home 100% and yet I find most of my writing takes place at night after everyone has gone to bed. I started this after school was out and two kids kept taking my attention. My goal is to write an entire novel in a month. Congrats on that 10K weekend though. They feel good 🙂

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