The Host: Movie Review

Stephenie Meyers’ only other book besides the Twilight Saga got mixed reviews (from myself included- read here), but even I was excited when I found out this was going to be a movie, but I didn’t run to the theaters to see it either.


I knew there were lots of challenges to overcome in the making of this film and overall, I think the movie turned out to be okay. For certain, it was nothing spectacular, with so much important dialogue cut from the script, the relationships that developed throughout the movie felt rushed.

I certain that anybody that hasn’t read the book will have a hard time enjoying this movie. I filled in a lot of holes and explanations with my knowledge from what was written on the pages. Only with that information, could I find myself liking Wanda and understanding her.

Obviously, my husband didn’t read the novel, and ended up falling asleep in the middle of the movie (so not hard to do with the recliners in our theater). I had a very hard time buying into this novel when I started reading it and that transferred to my husband in the start of the movie. Unfortunately, he never recovered and took a well deserved nap. He was willing to see it with me, at least, right?

Bottom line – I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that didn’t read The Host or isn’t a syfy nut or diehard Meyers fan. If you do see it, go to a matinee. Yes, you can see the movie without reading the book, but you’re going to leave the theater unfulfilled if you do. Only armed with the conversations Wanda had with Ian and Jared and Jamie from the book can you get a true appreciation for the characters.

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