Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer

Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer

I ran out of my Holy Grail (MAC) tinted moisturizer the other night and decided I would try something different. I went to Sephora and wanted to buy the Josie Moran tinted moisturizer and as luck would have it, my Sephora didn’t carry it. 

Although I’m still curious as to what the Josie Moran TM is like, I am very pleased to have purchased the Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer. I now have a satisfactory replacement and possible new HG item. Unlike my MAC TM, I had to purchase the lightest shade (SB Fair vs MAC’s Medium).
After washing my face and moisturizing with my green tea moisturizer, I apply an ample amount using my Target duped beauty blender. The color blends with ease and gives me a perfect palette to build my look from. 

Wear it underneath your favorite powder or alone, you won’t be upset when at the end of the day your makeup has not moved. A bit pricey ($30 USD), I will replace this product when it runs out. If you are shopping around for a new tinted moisturizer, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying this. Buy at Sephora or wherever else Smashbox is sold.

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  1. I will pick this up after the holidays! I love my MAC one and use it almost daily but I'm always looking for alternatives!

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