Revlon Lashes

Revlon Lashes

The Easiest Lashes to Apply…



When you think of false lashes, Revlon may not be the brand that comes to mind. For most people they think of Ardell, or ELF, or MUFE, or…or…or…

For a very reasonable price, you can try on lashes that are non-irritating on the eyes and very durable. Not only can you choose between a variety of shapes, volumes, and lengths, you can choose whether or not you want to use glue.

No glue? Then how does it stick?

There are a few lashes that are being offered as self-adhesive, which means they are latex-free for you allergy sufferers. They are so sticky, I was able to even reapply my lashes after I removed them. If you prefer the glue to the self-adhesive stickies that come attached to the eyelash container, you won’t be disappointed. Generally I use the DUO eyelash glue, even when the eyelashes come with glue. However, I wanted to try the product in its entirety to give a truly fair review. In terms of lash glue, I will admit, I like my DUO lash better. I like it better than the lash glue that comes with the Ardell lashes as well. I didn’t at first, but now I am used to it. The glue did what it was supposed to do and kept the lashes attached.

Overall, I think these lashes are amazing. The variety alone makes them a keeper, and when you consider the price and the fact that if you handle them properly you get more than one use out of them, Revlon has found themselves a good product.

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