Review: MUFE HD Foundation

I was wondering what I should blog about recently, so I polled twitter – my go to when I need an opinion shot at me. The first response was a foundation review. I have had my Makeup Forever HD Foundation for a while now and I figured now is as good a time as any to give you my two cents on it.

I purchased this foundation from Sephora during the fall, but rarely used it. I was still on the tail end of my various tinted moisturizers and didn’t pull for my foundation. When I did pull for it, I discovered the color I had been matched to inside of Sephora was all wrong. Unless I was going to rock the Edward Cullen look daily, I had to return the color. Luckily, I was able to exchange it and I color matched myself with no problems (maybe the lighting was off in that Sephora where I was matched originally??) – I don’t know.

My Color: 118
Staying Power:  Does not budge on my face*
Recommended skin types: normal to dry (based on my experiences)
Type of coverage: full (hides pimples well!)
Consistency: Thick
Compares to: MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Revlon Colorstay

After using tinted moisturizers all summer, it was hard to go back to a full coverage foundation. I found the consistency to be heavier than what I was used to. To solve this, whatever I was using (blender sponge or brush), I would dampen it first. This helped give me the airbrushed and dewy look. I hate it when foundation looks like a mask. I don’t think this product will ever – even if it’s applied without a damp tool. The coverage is amazing and when I wear this, I am able to cover up the redness I have on my chin, etc without the use of concealer. Whenever I wear this foundation, I get complimented on having “flawless” looking skin.

*If you have oily skin, I would not recommend this foundation. Just like MAC Studio Fix Fluid, it will run right off your face. Not cool.

Overall, I am very pleased with this product, and if a new foundation doesn’t grab my attention when this one runs out, I will probably replace it.

What foundation do you currently use?

What Are Your Thoughts?

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