Receiving & Evaluating Feedback

With the idea of querying agents or submitting to Pitch Wars right around the corner, people are offering up their services left and right. While receiving feedback from others is extremely helpful, authors need to keep in mind that too much feedback is never a good thing. 

Something I learned early in my search for a literary agent is that not all feedback other writers gave me was going to be on par with my vision. And that was okay. The reader took their time to read to review my query and offer suggestions, when they didn’t have to. Instead of making myself go crazy over their suggestions, I simply thanked them for their time and gleaned from their feedback what resonated with me. Trust me, I didn’t come to that conclusion over night. Like writing, learning how to receive and evaluate feedback was a process. 

This can easily relate to your query. When I first started out, I participated in forums and groups where I would help others with their queries and they’d help me. 


It took me a minute, but eventually I realized all the advice I had receieved from this fairly large group of people was destroying my querying. 

The idea of using everyone’s feedback was causing me to have anxiety attacks. Keep the number of people you have working on your query to no more than two or three, whenever possible

Whatever you decide to do before you submit your query to an agent or editor or enter Pitch Wars, I wish you nothing but luck and success in your writing journey! One day I hope to buy your book.

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