Let Nature Bee Your Moisturizer

Let Nature Bee Your Moisturizer

Before the days of drugstores and makeup counters, people had to rely on Mother Nature to take care of their skin’s needs. Medicine Mama Apothecary still relies on nature to to create an organic line of skincare products safe for even the finest baby bottom.



Kiss dry skin good bye with this line of creams and balms that channel the magic honey bees use to nourish the Queen and keep the hive healthy and alive.

The Bee Magic Wand is $12.95 USD value of travel sized skin perfection.  The owner, Donna Steinman, perfected and expanded upon her formula of Sweet Bee Magic by adding organic beeswax and vitamin-rich avocado oil. BEE MAGIG WAND was born as an all-purpose healing wand that you can take on the go. I’ve already used it for my wind-damaged chapped lips, but this product has many uses – making it very valuable.


The following uses have been suggested for the BEE MAGIC WAND:

    • Chapped Lip Remedy
    • Shaving Burn Care
    • Daily Moisturizer
    • Overnight Skin Nutrition
    • Cold Sore Relief
    • Cut Scrape & Bite Relief
    • After-sun Support
    • Rash, Burn & Scar Repair

This is now a staple in my travel bag. It can double as a moisturizer for my entire body and a lip balm as needed. Consider adding it to your beach bag or first-aid kit as it can be used to treat burns and scrapes as well.

Thank You Mother Nature & Thank You Medicine Mama’s Apothecary for creating and manipulating natural products to protect our bodies.

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