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I know there are a million and one of these online, but not written by moi, right? ;
So the first book I am reviewing is the most recent one I finished today – The Host by Stephenie Meyers. ;
I want to start this review off by saying I am a fan of Stephenie Meyers work. I love The Twilight Saga – so much I have read each book multiple times. I might read The Host again. Hard to say.

The Host is a book that is not classified as Young Adult. It is considered to be an adult book, but I think any age group would enjoy it. There is less sex and violence in this book than in the entire Twilight Saga. There really isn’t even a lot of bad language. So again, if my 8-yr-old asked if he could read it, I would say yes.

I bought this book, super excited to read another story by Stephenie Meyers. I am a huge fan of her ideas. I feel that she gets lost in tangents from time to time with her writing, which causes my adult ADHD mind to kick in and I put the book down.

From the book jacket, I could tell this was going to have romance intertwined – just like Twilight. I am a sucker for romance, even though I hate romance novels. There has to be something different about the world we live in for me to read a novel that is primarily romance.

I will say if you have the patience and time (clocking in at 619 pages), the story is generally worthwhile. I picked this book up and put it down time and time again – for months probably – telling myself I had to finish it. Mabye, I was just too tired when I attempted to read it, but for the first hundred or so pages, I found my eyes glassing over within minutes.

Then, out of nowhere – the story gets good. At least to me it did. Chapter 14. From that point forward I was content with the way the characters started to develop. I found issues with all of them, but I wanted to turn the page. There was quite a twist with one character – a complete 180 with attitude – and I really liked that in the story. Trying to write my own first novel, and watching an interview about this character, I know exactly how S.M. feels to have what you thought was an insignificant character develop into someone of huge importance. It happened in my story too!


One of the biggest problems I had with the novel was imagery. I found it difficult to actually see the characters. She described them basically all with the same adjectives and I just couldn’t see Melanie, Ian, or Jared in my head. They were faceless. Literally faceless. I pictured bits and pieces of them, but only puzzle pieces. For Ian all I could see were his sapphire eyes. For Melanie I pictured her frame (she is described as being tall & athletic), and for Jared I couldn’t really see anyone. Just a general bad boy figure so I always saw James Dean or a young Marlon Brando. The only character I could see was Wanderer, and that’s because in her true form she has no human characteristics at all.

The lengthy novel had some twists and turns, but ultimately ended abruptly. In the wrong place. When I got to the last page and read the last line, I WAS MAD. Originally intended to be a stand alone novel, the way she left the characters to me just felt incomplete. I pictured her getting harassing phone calls about how she wasn’t going to make the deadline for her editor or publisher, and just ended the novel where it was. I didn’t feel a lot of closure for a novel that was intended to be a stand alone.

For all you Stephenie Meyers lovers out there – don’t get me wrong – I love her. I really do. She creates a world where you have to question if you are a good-guy or a bad-guy. I found myself ultimately rooting for Wanderer and not so much Melanie. Does that make me a good guy or a bad guy? I don’t know. Read the novel for yourself and you decide.

Even though I had issues with the book. I liked Wanderer (mostly) and Melanie (mostly).
If you’ve read this – tell me your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “The Host

  1. I also rooted for Wanderer.

    I read this book right after it came out. I don't remember much of it actually. But I do remember not being that impressed with it. I also love Stephenie Meyers ideas and love the Twilight books.

    I don't think I would read this again, but I may read anymore books if this is a series.

    I love the idea of you doing book reviews.

  2. I agree with the majority of this review – especially about the characters being "faceless". 3.5/5 for me

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