Every now and then I catch wind of a book that once I start I have to fight to put down. I took some time off from my own paranormal romance writing, to read a book recommended by an author I follow on twitter.

After battling through Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, this book was very refreshing and an amazing read.

Written by Maggie Stiefvator, a fellow Virginian much like myself, we are immediately thrown into a world similar yet fiercely different than our own.

Immediately you see how she sets up the book by giving you the chapter number and either the name Grace or Sam. Underneath that is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. That may not seem important, but it is key as to what perspective we are hearing the story from. I was excited and surprised to see that the perspectives shifted from one character to another. Personally, I love to write in the first person narrative, but this story gave us the first person perspective of both main characters.

Many people are going to compare this story to The Twilight Saga. It deals with young love and wolves. I am a HUGE Stephenie Meyer fan – HUGE – but a part of me liked the writing style and the story much more than I liked Twilight. I liked the choice in her vocabulary and the structure of her sentences. I enjoyed how Mrs. Stiefvater seemed to pull her own experiences and probably her environment into her writing. I could picture what she was describing. I could see and smell and feel it.

I had a hard time putting the book down, and for the two or three nights I allotted thirty minutes (read longer though) or so to read and then I would plan on writing. Well, while I read this book I did not write. I was hooked and did not want to sleep. As an educator that has to wake up at 5am, a 12 am bedtime was not ok.

The way she ends the story is probably my favorite part. When all hope seems lost – we find there is the possibility for happiness. How concrete this happiness will be is yet to be determined. There is a sequel for this book – Linger – set to release July 1, 2010. I will be there to buy it!

This book is one I would HIGHLY recommend if you are at all into paranormal and books like Twilight or Sookie Stackhouse. I will warn you though – NO VAMPS – at least not in this one!

This book is a young adult book, but trust me when I say – this is a book for young adults and adults alike. I kept thinking as I read who would play these characters in a movie. I wonder who Mrs. Stiefvater would put in there.

Have you read it? Tell me in the comments below!

Not a lecture. Just a thought.

3 thoughts on “Shiver

  1. I just finished reading this book & I didn't realize there was a part 2 coming out! I really enjoyed this book.

  2. Thanks for adding another book to my to-read list.. that darn thing just keeps getting longer and longer!! I've read two books that are written from multiple perspectives: The Time Traveler's Wife and My Sister's Keeper. Its definitely an interesting way to read a book, and a little refreshing to change perspectives!! Maybe you'll be reading Linger on a beach in Hawaii.. or on the way there??!

  3. Great review I might have to go check that one one. After reading Hush Hush I want to find another cute teen romance type thing. Thanks 🙂

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