Hungry Girl Chew On The Right Thing

Hungry Girl Chew On The Right Thing

I am a huge fan of the Hungry Girl cook books. This set of books has me dying to get healthy and stay healthy. When I went to Barnes & Noble, while on a mini-vacation with the family, I found this recipe card box and grabbed it.

Everything about this box set is nothing short of awesome. The only drawback is if you own the original HG cookbook and the HG 200 Under 200, then you already own all these recipes. I did not realize this when I found it. I just bought it and continued throughout my day. However, even if I knew this, I would have purchased it.

I love the layout of these recipe cards.

These cards contain the top 50 wanted recipes of foods we crave, but don’t want to overindulge on. I love how the cards re color coded based on category.

  • Morning Makeover Madness
  • Chocolate Fixes & Sweet Treats
  • Fast Food & Restaurant Favorites
  • Around the World
  • Party Recipes & Crowd Pleasers

It also contains two very important cards

  • Hungry Girl Recommended Products
  • Hungry Girl Staples

Thanks to this I can pick out entire meals based on cards and not have to flip back and forth between the cook books. I will use my cook books just as much, but if you are like me, when you find a product you like – you stick with it. Lisa Lillien (author & founder) has my attention and I will now buy anything she endorses.


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