Fifty Shades of…WHAT? Trilogy

Fifty Shades of…WHAT? Trilogy


I will be the first to admit, that I started reading 50 Shades of Grey with no intent to finish it. I first saw the book while shopping in Carytown in the heart of RVA. This was still during the school year and I hadn’t really read any good books in awhile. I’m a visual person and I was attracted to the cover. My husband came up beside me and laughed, asking me if I was going to read erotica now. Having no clue what the book was even about, I did what 90% of America did, when confronted – I put the book down. Then, my facebook, pinterest, tumblr, and twitter timelines blew up with talk of Christian Grey and Fifty Shades. 



I’d been under a rock apparently as I discovered the origin of this story. I couldn’t believe it when I found out this was originally a Twilight Fanfic that made it to publication. What the…seriously? Makes sense though – innocent girl meets not-so-innocent filthy rich man. I pictured this is what Twilight would have been like had Stephine Meyers allowed us to see Edward and Bella having sex. Then, I hear the news that it surpassed Harry Potter sales in the UK, breaking a record for the number of books sold ever. Again, I reread the first pages and couldn’t put it together. Now that I’ve finished the series, I feel that I can see how this all happened.  This is really your basic story of boy meets girl and in a sense could be a coming of age story for Ana. What makes this novel so controversial is that it allowed the world to see that sex doesn’t have to be routine, monotonous, or a chore (oh the sarcastic things I want to write, but have decided to be good for this post). This story says you CAN be successful and respectable and still be kinky. Just wait, next year there is going to be a baby boom thanks to this book!

I vacationed at the beach many times this summer and it never failed that at least three women would have that book in their possession. I’ll never forget how one group of housewives were having their own book club while they read by the pool. Funniest thing ever. 


As I mentioned before, I had issues with the writing style from page one of Fifty Shades of Grey. Some people have a hard time reading in first person, whereas I LOVE IT. All of my stories are told in first person, so this could be a pro or a con for the book.  It’s a simple book series to read, as long as you look past the overuse of phrases, terrible passive voice, lots of telling vs showing, and basic sentence structure. I found myself skimming the long descriptive passages that didn’t move the story forward and concentrated on the conversations. 

The worst part about all the flaws in this novel is that the right editor could have fixed every one of them. I was told that the author had ghost writers on the second and third book, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised because the writing improves. It’s not great, but it’s better. 


 I couldn’t pinpoint what caused me to like this story until I talked to my husband and he shared his thoughts on why I like reading books he calls, “garbage.”  

…if you think the writing is bad but you like the characters and the same for Twilight, you must just love badly written people lol
I think he’s right. I like characters that are flawed. They fall for someone against their own judgement and decide to let the cards fall as they may. This happens repeatedly in this series. Yes it has BDSM, but according to all my friends that have that sort of lifestyle, it’s very inaccurately portrayed. So inaccurate, they refuse to read the books. In all honesty, the sex became so repetitious (maybe it was the language), it becomes boring. For those of you that don’t want to read it because it’s considered erotic, know that  the amount of sex tapers off dramatically in each book, and with each book, a plot develops. 

So, bottom line – if you are going to read it – you MUST read ALL THREE. You must LOOK PAST the fact that it’s NOT very well written, and ENJOY a story that proves love is worth fighting for and everyone deserves it. I liked the relationship they built, even though I wanted to slap Ana at least 10 times every book and tell her to get her s**t straight. If you are a hopeless romantic like I am, then you need to read this, even if everyone else says not to. 

Can’t wait to see how they portray this in the theater! 


3 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of…WHAT? Trilogy

  1. YAY! I loved this series because of the story. I originally read the first book years ago when it was Twilight fanfiction LOL. I love that Ana and Christian both have flaws. those are the kind of characters I can get behind and root for the relationship. I’m happy that you gave the series a chance.

    1. I admit, I almost wanted to see it fail and not keep my interest. But, I’m not one to put a book down. I want to read it all the way through, even if it sucks. When I read Wicked and The Host, both of those books were SO SLOW and literally would put me to sleep mid-page, but I stuck through it and the stories turned out to be pretty decent. I’m glad I kept reading, b/c I was able to connect with Christian and Ana and now, I’m dying for the movie.

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