About Me

Short Bio:

YA author. I graduated with a degree in Biology from Old Dominion University, a Master’s in Education, Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Phoenix, and an Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership from Old Dominion University. A high school Testing Coordinator by day, I spend my nights drinking way too many caramel macchiato’s while coming up with fiercely diverse & shipworthy characters who question everything. I live in Northern Virginia with my husband, two children, and a small zoo of animals that consists of cats, dogs, and birds. Any day I’m writing and/or seeing LIVE music is a great day.

Unofficial, Much Longer Bio: 

I am a self-proclaimed nerd who would love nothing more than to see the world through book store windows. I’m married and the mother of two amazing Neaglets (Oldest: Evil Genius| Youngest: Mini Me). I consider myself to be a forward-thinker, which makes conversations very interesting when certain topics open for discussion. I love tattoos and have many of them. I don’t regret them, and no, I won’t hate them when I’m 80.

I am a high school testing coordinator having worked in education for 15+ years. I’ve taught grades 6-11 Biology and Ecology in both urban and suburban school systems. When I’m not writing, I’m attempting to better my cooking skills, playing around with makeup, or talking about TV and movies. On the ultra-rare occasion, I post them here.

From a very young age, I showed an interest in writing. Growing up in the middle of nowhere without cable (gasp!) and before everyone had internet (stop laughing, it wasn’t that long ago), I spent a lot of time reading and writing. I carried this passion into high school, where I wrote elaborate stories whenever I could. However, my writing shifted from creative to technical when I left for undergraduate and then graduate school. It wasn’t until years later when my family and I moved from VA to MD that I decided to bite the bullet and attempt to write again. I enjoy writing diverse characters in romantic, thrilling, and suspenseful situations. My manuscript, THE LANGUAGE OF LIARS, was a 2016 RWA Daphne Finalist.

I love all things beauty — especially alternative, Bohemian, and retro styles. I have a serious weakness for way too expensive shoes, purses, and other random accessories like sunglasses. I am a firm believer that the best way to hear music is LIVE and try to attend as many concerts and music festivals as possible. My concert bucket list is ridiculous.