Why We Gain Weight & How to Not Over Eat

Why We Gain Weight & How to Not Over Eat

I met with a nutritionist the other day and we had a nice sit- down chat as to why I am not losing weight. Not only will I be getting blood work done to check out my thyroid and vitamin levels, I plan on putting the following information to work, so I can get this regained weight off my hips. This is what I learned…


Why We Gain: Top 3 Reasons

  • Stress
  • Over eat
  • No/not enough exercise

Something to Do Before Eating So You Don’t Over Eat

  • Drink 1 bottle of water before eating
  • Eat 6 almonds
  • Eat 12 walnuts

Check out the video where I discuss this as well as some other things, like my new haircut!

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