Vault Tinted Lip Balm

Vault Tinted Lip Balm


If you are like me, lip balm or chap stick is a big part of your daily life. I am fortunate enough to experience all for seasons where I live. This allows for outdoor trips in a multitude of conditions. While I love the variety of temperature, the weather can cause a number on my lips. The biggest problem with that is no matter how many containers of chap stick I have, I love the tops.

I don’t know what it is, but I can never manage to keep an intact chap stick – no matter what the brand or type. It doesn’t matter if it’s medicated or tinted, peppermint or berry – within a weeks time, I’ve lost it.

Needless to say, I was stoked when I heard about Vault. California based, this company has found a way to help you keep your lips hydrated and moisturized while you maintain your active lifestyle.


What makes this product unique is that people like me CANNOT lose the top. It’s physically impossible. It’s so simple to use, you can do it one handed – PUSH, TWIST, CLICK.




Once you’ve adjusted to the unique delivery system, be ready to be fashionable while you are being energetic. With the tinted lip balms, you not only get a dosage of Cocoa, Shea butter, Aloe, & Vit E, but you get SPF 15 as well.



There are 8 color choices available. The picture above is what I am wearing on my lips. It’s called DISNEYLAND.


Colors from L-R:

TOP:  snow bunny (sheer), disneyland, newport (sheer), hollywood

Bottom: red carpet, rehab, triple espresso, napa

The product went on smooth like the Nivea lip products I love so much. It also have great color payoff, so a little bit of the balm goes a long way, saving you money.

For $9 USD, you can get your very own tinted Vault lip balm. Don’t fret over the price, if you hurry and like their facebook fan page you can use the code FIRST KISS at checkout and get 50% off your order!

If you are willing to give them a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. This is definitely going in my makeup bag that I take to school. If you are an athlete, this is a must for you. Hurry over to today to get yours!

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