Urban Decay Naked Foundation Review & Before/After Pictures

Urban Decay Naked Foundation Review & Before/After Pictures

Over the years, I have had the hardest times finding a foundation that I really like. I’ve switched from MAC Studio Fix to MUFE HD and while I like those brands, both products are a bit thick and if not careful, can give you the caked on makeup look. This summer Urban Decay came out with a product that seems to be the Holy Grail foundation I’ve been searching for. It glides on smooth, covering imperfections with ease without appearing to be thick or cake-like.


Urban Decay makes it very easy to find your shade, something that is generally impossible when searching on the internet for foundation. If you go to their site, you can enter your current foundation and the closest shade you are and it will pinpoint your color. I did this, using my MUFE HD foundation as my guide and while it didn’t give me the exact choice for my number, when I picked the closest one too it (a shade below what I wear), it recommend the number below what I ended up buying in the store. Keep that in mind if you buy this product without swatching it first. While it is better than just looking at colors online, it still isn’t perfect. Although, I have to admit, shopping in the store isn’t much better since the lighting in most Sephora’s and Ulta’s is very low and warm, making it nearly impossible to find your color.

I applied this foundation as I would any other foundation, on top of a primer. I used my new L’Oreal BB cream (review coming soon) and discovered just like my other HD foundation, a little goes a very long way. To give me the air brushed look without having to pay for the equipment, I used my favorite beauty blender dupe applicator (egg shaped sponge) and worked on covering one side and then the other.


For my problem areas where I have acne scaring (primarily on my cheeks), I didn’t use concealer, I simply added more of the product, layering my already covered skin before blending it in with the rest of my face. The feel of the foundation against my skin was a breath of fresh air, because it allowed just that – my face to breathe. This foundation feels more like a tinted moisturizer than a foundation: very lightweight and dries to give me a flawless coverage, only most professionals could create.

A Buildable Liquid Foundation

Naked Skin is a buildable formula that allows you to customize your look. From light to full coverage, it feels like wearing nothing at all, yet transforms complexions. Skin looks natural, illuminated and bright: like the beautiful skin you were born with.

As with all Urban Decay packaging, the bottle delivers a fair amount of product with each pump. Just remember, a little bit goes a very long way – at least that’s what I discovered.

Thanks to Urban Decay’s state-of-the-art formula, Naked Skin will restore and maintain your youthful appearance, give you a more radiant complexion, hydrate your skin to keep it smooth, soft, and supple; all the while giving you the highly defined finish every woman covets.


Review Recap:

    • Price: $38 USD
    • Availability: Sephora, Ulta, Urbandecay.com
    • Selection: 18 shades to choose from
    • Overall: Amazing coverage without the heavy cakey-feel. The color selection is decent, but all of them I tested seemed to have yellow undertones to them versus a mixture of pink as well. Even the ones that say they have pink. It is very possible my swatches were inaccurate as the lighting in the Sephora I went to was horrible.
    • Rating: A[/author_info] [/author]

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