The Perfect Skin in A Tube?

For as long as I can remember, I have been in search of the cure all of tinted moisturizers and I have yet to find the **one** that has been perfect for me. I admit, I have found some along the stretch of my journey that have left me considering their use on a permanent basis – one I even re-purchased, but none have made my skin feel illuminating and moisturized while not feeling heavy like many foundations have a tendency to do.

By chance I stumbled upon the Miracle Skin Transformer, a new tinted moisturizer that hasn’t even launched yet – official launch date is August 1st. On their website you can fill out their form and participate in their try before you buy deal (while supplies last). You will receive a small tube to try out and see what you think of the product for yourself.

Since it’s a sample, you have enough to try the product out maybe one or two times and the color choices are limited right now to just medium and tan. I received the medium color. Being pretty fair-skinned I was a bit reserved when I pushed out some of the product out of the tube – it’s pretty dark – or at least darker than I was expecting.

 When I applied the moisturizer to my face, I used my Sephora brand beauty blender at first. I noticed the product moved smoothly all over my face, but unlike many of the other tinted moisturizers I have used in the past, I didn’t have to build layer upon layer to get the airbrushed and flawless look we all want to achieve. Since I picked the lighter color option (medium) and it was still a tad dark for my skin (not by much though), I applied small dabs of the product and worked to blend it out so a lot of the product went a very long way.

For whatever reason, I put my blender down and touched my face. I was encountered with a feeling I was not expecting. This product made my skin feel like silk. No seriously…I’m not kidding. It contains silicone’s and mica that allow it to feel that way against your skin. If you have ever tried the Smashbox Primer that everyone raves about or the Monistat Chafing Gel, then you know the sensation I am talking about. The difference is all the products I mentioned are in a gel type of form. This moisturizer is not – it’s like every foundation/tinted moisturizer out there – like a lotion. On top of that the moisturizer is loaded with various vitamins and plant extracts to lock in moisture while it works to protect your skin with 20 SPF UVA/UVB protection.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry over to the link above and get your free sample today while supplies last! When the product launches in August, it will retail for $40. I can’t wait for it to launch because I want to get a big bottle of this stuff!

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