The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection

The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection


These days, how you do your brows is just as important as how you do your eye makeup. You can have the most amazing eyeshadow on, and if your brows aren’t properly filled in to compliment your features, your work has been in vain. For the longest time, I didn’t touch my brows. They have a nice arch to them, but they are not twins by any means. Slowly, I started figuring out my eye makeup was missing something. It hit me, my brows didn’t do anything to help my look. I looked around and noticed the looks I loved so much on people had a lot to do with their eyebrows – crazy, I know…but true. I’ve tried all the products, ranging from drugstore to designer and am happy to report, I’ve found THE PERFECT eyebrow collection for everyone’s needs.

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Meet Joey Healy!

Luxe Brow Powders

Stop using your eyeshadows to fill in your brows because you can’t find the shade in the drugstore or other designer brands. Joey Healy has more colors to choose from than any other company. Nothing is more frustrating than to want to purchase a product only to see it’s not available in your color.

What’s nice about this product is that it can be applied wet or dry and is waterproof once applied, so your brows won’t fade away over the course of the day. Available in 6 colors: Parchment, Corduroy, Equestrian, Moccasin, Tobacco, Raven. $28 USD

Rating: A

Duo Brow Brush

The right technique really helps when filling in your brows so that you don’t look like a clown, but the right product is equally important. What I really like about the Joey Healy line is that you have so many options to choose from and the quality of the products, from the powder to the spoolie, is top quality. I’ve used Sigma, Coastal Scents, and MAC brushes to apply powder to my brows before and to me, the brush always seems too thick. Trust me when I say, this is the last brush you will ever need. The cruelty-free boar and badger haired bristle applicator is stiff enough to allow you to apply your eyebrow powder with absolute control. $28 USD

Rating: A

Brow Architect Stylo

This fully retractable, waterproof pencil is my new favorite item. Never before has an eyebrow pencil applied so silky smooth and created such a natural looking finish before. The pencil never needs sharpening and the spoolie on the other end eliminates the need to carry yet another tool in my bag. Once I apply, I can blend away the harshness at the beginning of my brows and know that my eyebrows are going to remain this perfect for the rest of the day. As with the other Joey Healy products, there is a great selection of colors available for every skin tone and hair color. Choose from Wicker, Suede, Antler, Molasses, Teak. $25 USD

Rating: A

Review Recap:

Price: $25-$28 USD

Availability: only online at

Selection: I was very impressed by the selection of colors. There are 6 shades of brow powder and 5 shades of brow pencil to choose from.

Overall: After being a long time user of the Anastasia Brow Powder, I have to say this product is better. Once you apply it, it stays in place all day and really puts the finishing touches on your look. The price is a bit high for some, but I promise it’s an investment worth making – a little bit goes a very long way.

Rating: A



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