emerginC Lavender Toner


Do you have sensitive skin? How about oily? Combination? What about dry? Obviously, you have to fall into one of those categories and seeing that you do, the emerginC lavender toner is perfect for you.


Who Can Use It? 

It IS especially ideal for sensitive skin because of the mild all-natural ingredients used to soothe and calm or acne prone skin. 

Why Use It? 

Use it to restore your skin’s pH levels, while preventing loss of moisture and excessive bacterial growth.  


What’s Inside It? 

Lavender – Skincare products use lavender as trusted ingredient because of it’s history with healing. Knowing for calming and soothing skin, it also contains anti-allergenic properties. Thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory abilities, lavender is often used to treat sensitive or damaged skin. 

Green Tea – As well a being an anti-inflammatory, green tea is also an effective anti-bacterial agent. 

Other natural ingredients include: cornflower, chamomile, balm mint, calendula, azulene, magnolia, and witch hazel


Review Recap: 

  • Price: $29 USD
  • Availability: Found in leading spas Miraval (Tucson, AZ), Qua (Caesars Palace LV), The Spa at Wynn (Las Vegas), Carneros Inn & Spa (Napa Valley), and emerginc.com
  •  Selection: One size, 240 mL pump bottle.
  • Overall: This toner does everything it claims, if not more. It smells amazing, does not bother your skin, and even helps calm you at night to the point where you are eager to fall asleep.The only downside is that you can’t purchase it from your normal cosmetic center, making it a bit harder to find for those that may not purchase online.
  • Rating: A-



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Sleep Away the Frownies


Who would have guessed that smiling had it’s downside: laugh lines and wrinkles. But, there’s a product out there that allows you to turn your frown upside down. It’s called FROWNIES and it protects, repairs, and postpones the signs of aging.


If smiling and laughing because I am a happy person is considered bad, then so be it – the price of years of smiling/laughing constantly has given me lines on my forehead that never seem to go away, along with lines at the outer corner of my eye. However, after trying the Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes Patches, I have hope. Hope that my laugh lines don’t have to be as prominent as they are now. Hope that this product that I wear while sleeping will actually retrain my facial muscles to lie smooth and flat. Hope that with repeated use, I will remain looking younger and feeling ready to take over the world.


Part of my confidence is inspired by how pretty I feel at that moment. Follow the thinking and this product can inspire confidence. It’s much cheaper than Botox and pain free. If you have lines you are insecure about or simply want to prevent them from rearing their ugly head, take two of these and message me in the morning!


Disclosure: This review contains a sample product sent to natashaneagle.com for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested.


Let Nature Bee Your Moisturizer

Before the days of drugstores and makeup counters, people had to rely on Mother Nature to take care of their skin’s needs. Medicine Mama Apothecary still relies on nature to to create an organic line of skincare products safe for even the finest baby bottom.



Kiss dry skin good bye with this line of creams and balms that channel the magic honey bees use to nourish the Queen and keep the hive healthy and alive.

The Bee Magic Wand is $12.95 USD value of travel sized skin perfection.  The owner, Donna Steinman, perfected and expanded upon her formula of Sweet Bee Magic by adding organic beeswax and vitamin-rich avocado oil. BEE MAGIG WAND was born as an all-purpose healing wand that you can take on the go. I’ve already used it for my wind-damaged chapped lips, but this product has many uses – making it very valuable.


The following uses have been suggested for the BEE MAGIC WAND:

    • Chapped Lip Remedy
    • Shaving Burn Care
    • Daily Moisturizer
    • Overnight Skin Nutrition
    • Cold Sore Relief
    • Cut Scrape & Bite Relief
    • After-sun Support
    • Rash, Burn & Scar Repair

This is now a staple in my travel bag. It can double as a moisturizer for my entire body and a lip balm as needed. Consider adding it to your beach bag or first-aid kit as it can be used to treat burns and scrapes as well.

Thank You Mother Nature & Thank You Medicine Mama’s Apothecary for creating and manipulating natural products to protect our bodies.

Disclosure: This review contains a sample product sent to natashaneagle.com for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested.



No Dermatologist Needed!

As many of you are aware, there has been an amazing giveaway going on right here at The Beauty Brat giving you the chance to win your very own home microdermabrasion system that will save you time, money, and great looking skin. I was lucky enough to be able to review this product and I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on it.
Before I was introduced to my own Personal Microderm System, I used the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel (US $65) which had the same purpose, just used crystals instead. I love that product don’t get me wrong, but if that product is a tall Starbucks iced latte, then the system I’m going to tell you about is a Quad Venti Iced Sugar Free Vanilla Latte. No seriously! Just read and you’ll see!
Purpose: To achieve healthier, younger looking skin by removing old skin cells. This product resurfaces your skin and over time will diminish age spots or other skin imperfections with frequent use.  
Equipment: personal-microderm-system-2aI noticed right away that there wasn’t a lot to the actual device. If you know anything about power tools then you will probably be reminded of a dremmel or a hand held power sander. The device requires electricity, so you must plug it in. It comes equipped with two large surface “sanders” and three small ones. The green ones are “moderate” with their grit and the blue ones are for sensitive skin. There isn’t as much of the aluminum oxide coating on the sensitive one. It also has two locking lids, one for the small attachments and one for the larger one.
How it Works: The thought process behind this is a rather simplistic one. Sometimes it’s the most simplistic of solutions that are the best ones. I am amazed at how many tools doctors use these days that look like they camenatneagle straight out of our own tool box! This one included. To have this flawless skin all you have to do is decide which part of the face you are going to work on first. I worked on the cheek area first.   I began by making a V with my fingers and pulling my skin tight. That way the machine can create the suction it needs to natneagle1work on the dermis. Once the skin is tight, the suction should form when the top comes into contact with your skin. Once that happens, (you will feel it), you just have to move the device like you are sanding a piece of wood or how men shave (speaking of men, this could definitely work for either sex!)
Ouch Factor: I won’t lie to you. There is some discomfort. Is there discomfort for most procedures? Especially those done by a dermatologist? YES! I had light laser treatments to remove acne and acne scarring when I first moved to MD, and it was not pain free. The pain came from the roller of ice they used to numb my face, before using the laser, but it still felt painful. Now I don’t think I have a high tolerance for pain (except during childbirth, tattoo’s, and piercings) – I’m a total  baby when I get a paper cut or stub natneagle3my toe. On a scale of 1 (no pain) to 10 (mother %^&* that hurt!) I would give this treatment a 3. It’s not that uncomfortable, but you can feel the grit moving across your face. You will also experience some reddening after you complete the home microdermabrasion system and because of that, it’s not recommended you use any type of acidic skincare regiment for a day or two.
Worth It? DEFINITELY! I find this product very valuable. If you are someone that goes to the dermatologist or the spa frequently – you can give your checkbook a rest and get this product instead. It is an investment for certain (retail US $179) to receive the starter kit. Each disc gets about 7 treatments out of it before the aluminum oxide wears away, and once they do you can receive a replacement kit for only $14.99. The frequency of use depends on your skin type. I use it every other week for now. Each time, my skin feels baby smooth and soft and I notice with each treatment, I feel more confident with it’s use and my manipulation of the tool.

  • I recorded a demo of me doing this and once it’s edited I will attach it to this blog.

music note While writing this, I was listening to “That’s How Strong My Love Is” by Alicia Keys


The Perfect Skin in A Tube?

For as long as I can remember, I have been in search of the cure all of tinted moisturizers and I have yet to find the **one** that has been perfect for me. I admit, I have found some along the stretch of my journey that have left me considering their use on a permanent basis – one I even re-purchased, but none have made my skin feel illuminating and moisturized while not feeling heavy like many foundations have a tendency to do.

By chance I stumbled upon the Miracle Skin Transformer, a new tinted moisturizer that hasn’t even launched yet – official launch date is August 1st. On their website you can fill out their form and participate in their try before you buy deal (while supplies last). You will receive a small tube to try out and see what you think of the product for yourself.

Since it’s a sample, you have enough to try the product out maybe one or two times and the color choices are limited right now to just medium and tan. I received the medium color. Being pretty fair-skinned I was a bit reserved when I pushed out some of the product out of the tube – it’s pretty dark – or at least darker than I was expecting.

 When I applied the moisturizer to my face, I used my Sephora brand beauty blender at first. I noticed the product moved smoothly all over my face, but unlike many of the other tinted moisturizers I have used in the past, I didn’t have to build layer upon layer to get the airbrushed and flawless look we all want to achieve. Since I picked the lighter color option (medium) and it was still a tad dark for my skin (not by much though), I applied small dabs of the product and worked to blend it out so a lot of the product went a very long way.

For whatever reason, I put my blender down and touched my face. I was encountered with a feeling I was not expecting. This product made my skin feel like silk. No seriously…I’m not kidding. It contains silicone’s and mica that allow it to feel that way against your skin. If you have ever tried the Smashbox Primer that everyone raves about or the Monistat Chafing Gel, then you know the sensation I am talking about. The difference is all the products I mentioned are in a gel type of form. This moisturizer is not – it’s like every foundation/tinted moisturizer out there – like a lotion. On top of that the moisturizer is loaded with various vitamins and plant extracts to lock in moisture while it works to protect your skin with 20 SPF UVA/UVB protection.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry over to the link above and get your free sample today while supplies last! When the product launches in August, it will retail for $40. I can’t wait for it to launch because I want to get a big bottle of this stuff!

That’s All Folks!


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