I’ve never once hidden the fact that I’m a Democrat. I’m very liberal in my beliefs.



I openly supported Obama when he ran the first time and I openly supported him during this election. I used Twitter and Facebook to discuss my beliefs and ruffled the feathers of MANY friends and family (I am the ONLY liberal in my family). I would gladly do it again.





I was the 1997 Class Feminist – a goofy class Superlative my Governor’s School created just for me because I stood up to my teachers junior and senior year, explaining that I didn’t care for their sexist views regarding a woman’s role in this world. Knowing this about me, it was a no brainer that I was beyond excited that Romney didn’t win.




I had a massive exam the next day, but I stayed up and studied while I watched.




I did okay on the exam, but my little Neaglets wouldn’t go to sleep until they found out who won. Mr. AGirlNamedNat and I have been educating them this entire campaign as to why we were voting for Obama, not saying Vote R or D because we think it’s best.


So happy for 4 MORE YEARS! Inauguration is Monday, January 21st and my entire family will be there with my Nerding Bestie from Canada to celebrate the day! Look for more pictures then!


Supporter of Obama or not – history was made. Be a part of it.


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