PitMad Results


Pitmad flew by and wow, what another amazing day. I went in with my three original pitches and half-way through the day one came to me that captured Carri’s voice so well, I pitched it the rest of the evening. When all was said and done I walked away with 6 favorites. 

I’ve started the traditional query process as well, which has started off exceptionally well with my first query landing me a full request.

This is me:

Happy PitMad Day

Today is the day. It’s finally arrived. Time to submit my twitter pitches to the hash tag #PitMad and hope to catch the eye of an agent or editor. If they like it, they will star my submission and I will submit my manuscript. From 8AM EST to 8PM EST, authors can pitch their novel twice an hour. I still have three pitches, but I scheduled my tweets leading with the pitch from PitchMAS that got me the most attention.

Here’s what I’m pitching:

Banned from Heaven for who she is. Wanted by Hell for what she can do. An ancient plot makes her a danger to both.

Being chased by demons & hellhounds might sound terrifying, unless you’re Carri & dating an Angel. Then it must be Thursday.

Don’t blink. Don’t look away. Carri did & lived. Now Hell wants her to break them back into Heaven & Hell can be very persuasive.

Fingers crossed for some tweets getting favorited!

#PitMad Pitch Practice

pitmadThanks to the lovely Brenda Drake, another #PitMad Twitter Pitch will take place January 8, from 8AM EST to 8PM EST. Since I posted a blog for those of us planning on practicing in #sunvssnow to post our queries for feedback, I’ve been asked to post a blog for pitch practice as well.

As you wish!

Use the comments below to post your pitch. Make sure you leave room for #PITMAD hashtag and your genre/category. It’s imperative the genre in included at least. During #PitchMAS a few agents and editors said they passed on pitches because they couldn’t figure out if your novel was adult or YA or NA, etc.

Good luck and Happy Tweeking those Pitches!


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