OPI Black Cherry Chutney


Owners of this nail polish have a tendency to love and hate it. This includes myself. It appears almost black in some lights, but is actually a deep dark cherry purple color. There is a beautiful shimmer to it when you see it up close.

I noticed this polish was more of a pain to clean up then the others, an issue I contribute to the dark color. I also found myself using more than the usual number of coats, attempting to make my nails as dark as the bottle. However, I love this polish so none of that matters!



Ready – Set – Fall!


After about two weeks of having no nails, I decided it was time to pull out my Broadway nails and get to work. I like my nails to be short, so after much gluing, trimming, and filing, I set out to apply the perfect color for back to school.

Almost all the teachers in my building came to school with a dark, deep, vampy red or purple nail polish on. I pulled out my Dark Cherry Chutney from OPI and my favorite brown Over the Taupe (also from OPI), and asked TWITTER what I should apply.


So it shall be.

I topped the polish with my new Seche Vite topcoat (which I have noticed has an all too unpleasant plastic smell) and my nails were shining and gorgeous in no time. Not being a nail perfectionist at the moment, I snapped the picture before I wiped the excess out of my cuticles (in some spots anyway).

This is so perfect for back to school – now I just need to run to Starbucks and get a pumpkin spice latte!

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Chop And Change” by The Black Keys


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