OPI Black Cherry Chutney


Owners of this nail polish have a tendency to love and hate it. This includes myself. It appears almost black in some lights, but is actually a deep dark cherry purple color. There is a beautiful shimmer to it when you see it up close.

I noticed this polish was more of a pain to clean up then the others, an issue I contribute to the dark color. I also found myself using more than the usual number of coats, attempting to make my nails as dark as the bottle. However, I love this polish so none of that matters!



Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer

I’ve never been a fan of any of the drugstore nail polishes I’ve purchased in the past. Since Essie is owned by L’Oreal, which owns Maybelline, Lancome, and a few other beauty brands and I enjoy Essie polish, when I saw the bold green color on the end cap at my local Target, I simply had to buy it. When it cost only $2.99 USD for a bottle when I am accustomed to paying $8 USD + a bottle for OPI and Essie polishes, it was hard to buy only one. 


I only purchased the one b/c I didn’t know how well it was going to work on my nails. Being nail painting impaired (as is demonstrated in the picture above), I didn’t know how well this product would apply, so I resisted all the other pretty colors Target had for me to choose from. To my surprise, the nail polish went on with ease, without streaks and quite thick. In one simple stroke, my entire nail was covered. The deep chartreuse color was obtained with only two coats on my nails. For some extra flash, I added with a sponge applicator some emerald green glitter to the tips of my nails. 

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this polish compared to other drugstore brands I’ve purchased in the past. With the 40 different shades out there in Maybelline Color Show polish, I don’t think I will run out of different colors to try (for a while anyway). Of course, now that I know they are as great as they are, I want to pick one up every time I see them at Target. 

With such a large variety, which is your favorite? 

Review Recap:

  • Price: $2.99 USD – $3.99 USD (prices vary depending upon purchase location) 
  • Availability: Available wherever Maybelline is sold and online at maybelline.com  
  • Selection: 40 different shades to choose from 
  • Overall: My first impression was that these are very different than any drugstore nail polish I’d used in the past. The formula seemed thicker, covering more of the nail in one coat than some of my more expensive nail polishes. There are a variety of colors to fit every personality, whether it’s bold and bright or natural nudes.  
  • Rating:

Ready – Set – Fall!


After about two weeks of having no nails, I decided it was time to pull out my Broadway nails and get to work. I like my nails to be short, so after much gluing, trimming, and filing, I set out to apply the perfect color for back to school.

Almost all the teachers in my building came to school with a dark, deep, vampy red or purple nail polish on. I pulled out my Dark Cherry Chutney from OPI and my favorite brown Over the Taupe (also from OPI), and asked TWITTER what I should apply.


So it shall be.

I topped the polish with my new Seche Vite topcoat (which I have noticed has an all too unpleasant plastic smell) and my nails were shining and gorgeous in no time. Not being a nail perfectionist at the moment, I snapped the picture before I wiped the excess out of my cuticles (in some spots anyway).

This is so perfect for back to school – now I just need to run to Starbucks and get a pumpkin spice latte!

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Chop And Change” by The Black Keys

Sephora by OPI Matte

sephora opiAre you mad about the matte trend this fall on your nails? I have seen it on many different people and was on a mad quest to find some matte polishes. I found some through Zoya and Sephora by OPI. I purchased both but have yet to try the Zoya as I bought it in black and I’m just not sure how to pull off black nails. lol

I was very excited to try the Domestic Goddess (pictured left) from Sephora by OPI as it looked to be a gorgeous color in the bottle and it was matte which would make me trendy for the fall. I love the way it looked on my nails and I will use this bottle again, but I have mixed feelings towards it. Let me explain.

The formula used in matte nail polishes is so different from the regular polishes, as you can see it changes to the matte almost on contact with the air and your nail. What I did not like about this polish was that it took multiple coats to make it look less-streaky and more like the bottle. I always apply an OPI nail strengthener to my nails as a base coat before I put any color on and then follow up my polish with an OPI Top Coat. With the matte polish you can’t really do that because it takes away from the matte appearance.

For me that meant mondo chippage. By the second day, I was seeing not my usual dings (’cause let’s face it – I’m not a nail tech and I consider it a triumph if I can remove the nail polish from my cuticles!) but gashes and chunks missing from the polish. I felt the price was a bit much ($9) considering regular OPI is less than that and Nicole by OPI is even cheaper. I feel that if you are going to be a company that is using a name such as OPI to sell your product, don’t jack the price up because I would rather order the regular OPI in the first place. Not to mention Zoya sells for only $6 and I like their formula better because it’s healthier for your nails (let’s save that review for later!)

So overall, I was not pleased. I more than likely won’t buy another Sephora by OPI matte polish. I haven’t tried out a regular Sephora by OPI shade because I am usually deterred by the price, but I still might. I know people who use those brands religiously but I feel more dissatisfied than satisfied.

Price: $9

Where to find: Sephora

Rating:  2 out of 5

MAC Bronzed Goddess Nails

I am not sure why I of all people do, but I think I have some of the most amazing subscribers on youtube and followers on twitter and right here on my blog. They are so amazing that I have received a gift from one because it was sold out in my MAC store. She had an extra and sent it my way.Awwwe, THANKS JESSICA for sending me the MAC Mercenary nail polish from the Style Warriors collection. I absolutely LOVED Violet Fire but this stuff is even better!

2009 07 02_1297
MAC Mercenary

You know the drill, apply your base coat – I use OPI’s Nail Strengthener – then put on 1/2 gallon of your MAC nail polish because it’s so streaky you have to build the color. Well, I will say I was pleasantly surprised when I started applying this nail polish. I don’t know if they did something different, if my bottle was out of the ordinary, or what, but it went on perfectly, streak free and only took 2 coats to get the desired color.

I also filed and buffed my nails a bit more than usual as my lack of working this summer is allowing my nails to grow. Since I actually have some length, I squared off the ones I could and their (IMO) “professionally manicured look” just made the polish look that much better.

I threw on my OPI Top Coat and went on about my business. Their has been very little chipping and the color has held up amazingly to all the typing and texting I do! If you have this polish pull it out 😉 Let’s be bronzed goddesses together!


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