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Last week I did something I hadn’t done in quite a long time…I went haulin’! Celebrating the end of the school year (classroom teachers last day – not mine), I was exhausted and proud that I survived the first year in my new job. And what a year it was…

So I decided it was time to take a trip to Tyson’s Corner Mall in NOVA (my future home I have decided – I am up for the commute) and hit up the MAC and Lush. I was going to go to Sephora too, but lucky me, my mall opened a mini-Sephora inside of the JC Penney’s so I can stop there any ‘ole time I want!

I decided it was time to pamper myself and I needed a few necessities that I had run out of. While I was there, (I had the most amazing sales girl for a change at MAC – very helpful & full of compliments), I decided I was going to try out the Opulash. I hadn’t been following MAC’s new products of recent due to my unwillingness to buy anything in hopes of saving my beauty splurge funds for my weight loss goal (hello Louboutin’s – when I reach my next weight loss goal anyway) , but that went on the back burner so I could get some goodies! In that was the Opulash.


I purchased it for a few reasons:

One: I’m always on the lookout for new mascaras.
Two: The wand is huge and reminded me of Dior’s Diorshow large wand – I said that before the associate did, but she said that’s a huge selling point for people.
Three: $14 USD is pretty awesome for a mascara that works just as well as Dior’s $28.
Four: The tube is huge compared to the other containers of mascara MAC sells, giving you the ultimate bang for your buck.

When I got home and used it this is what I discovered: 

One: The wand really is comparable to the Dior Diorshow mascara wand
Two: My lashes appear longer and have much more volume to them than with other mascara’s I’ve used in the past
Three: When I remove the mascara, it comes off easily – I don’t wake up the next day and look like I have a black eye even though I used makeup remover wipes and face cleanser on my eyes & face.
Four: This stuff stays in place throughout the course of the day. Sometimes my mascara ends up underneath my lower lashes but not with this mascara – at least not yet anyway (and the temperatures have been very close to the 100 F mark recently).

So at the moment, this is my new love. I have put aside all my other mascara’s to pay special attention to this one. It seems that many have a love – hate relationship when it comes to mascara’s. Right now, I am happy. Are you going to try this product or do you have it already? Let me know your favorite mascara or weigh in on your opinions for this one in the comments below.


Is Your Eyeshadow As Important As What Goes Under It?

The other night I did a little experiment with my eye makeup. The results are rather disturbing, I think. Makes me think that this eyeshadow is not that great – at least not as great as everyone makes it out to be.

The night I did my Vlog, I wore purples. I was really lazy that day, and I didn’t wear eyeshadow to work. Instead I just applied my face and cheek makeup. For my Vlog, I wore MAC. I applied it without a primer (no UDPP, no TFSI, etc). The results were shocking. The usually highly pigmented purples didn’t show up on my lid. I had to go back and reapply over and over to make it pop. For a combination I have worn multiple times, this was not something I was used to. Finally satisfied with the look, I made my video.

Last night (Friday) I went to see Avatar in IMAX (I’ve already seen it in 3D). In honor of the Na’Vi, I wore blue MAC and Urban Decay shadows. I was in a rush because I spent too much time on my hair. I skipped the primer step and applied just a base. I used the Painterly Paint Pot by MAC – one of my Holy Grail items. For my lid color, I applied MAC’s Tilt and I am sad to say that by the end of the night the color had all but faded and brushed off. The Urban Decay I put in the crease had done the same.

The results of this experiment tell me that for me personally PRIMER + BASE = PERFECT EYE SHADOW. I will no longer be cutting corners. I will be applying both at all times and not worrying that my makeup is going to come off. My face is really broken out at the moment (from a combination of things I think) , but my eyes have not been affected.

So my thoughts on the topic are as follows.
Maybe the shadow isn’t as important as we think. 
Maybe it’s what goes underneath the shadow.

I have now learned for my face the shadow has to have a primer and a base. I am going to take some of my drugstore makeup and try to do some looks and see how long it stays in comparison to my “designer” makeup.

I just had to share how disappointed I was that my makeup didn’t stay on either evening.


Purple Sunset

  So I was looking for a new background for my desktop and I came across this picture. Isn’t it gorgeous? Don’t you just love it when you go from being completely unmotivated, to seeing gorgeous makeup looks in everything?

Maybe it’s just me, but since I started doing this YouTube makeup gig, I catch myself staring at people’s lids.

Take for instance, my husband…he has gorgeous eyes, and if I ever thought I would get away with it, I would totally give him a makeover! Of course I can’t get away with it, so that’s the end of that conversation!



  • MAC Studio Moisture Tint: Medium
  • MAC Refined Golden Bronzer
  • MAC MSF: Medium


  • Anastasia Brow Powder: Brunette
  • Benefit Speed Brow


  • UDPP
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil: Milk
  • Almay Bright Eyes Pencil
  • MAC Nylon e/s
  • MAC Satellite Dream e/s
  • MAC Violet pigment
  • MAC Sketch e/s
  • MAC Soft Brown e/s
  • MAC Shadowy Lady e/s
  • MAC Fig 1 e/s
  • MAC Naked Lunch e/s
  • MAC lilacky powerpoint liner
  • MAC Feline eye kohl
  • L’Oreal Carbon Black Liner Intense
  • YSL Faux Cillis Masacara: black


  • NARS Sin Blush


  • Nivea Kiss of Moisture
  • Urban Decay Paranoid Lip Pencil
  • Urban Decay Sellout Lipstick

I can only hope you love this look as much as I do!


Smurfs Makeup

To achieve this look you will need to grab some whites and blues in various shades. I am using the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette but just use what you have! I applied my Sephora Tinted Moisturizer, Bronzed with Milani Sunset Duo: Sunset City Bronzing side, Mineral Power Bronzer, and set my face with MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium.

2009 07 14_1450-1

For your eyes you need:

  • UDPP
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil: Milk
  • CS Shimmer Palette Shadows 1:1, 1:2, 5:5, 6:8 (if you don’t know what that means click on link for picture)
  • MAC Contrast
  • MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl
  • MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Glitter: Citrus
  • MAC Dazzlelash: Dazzle Black
  • Ardell Demi Luvies


Blush: CS Blush palette – bright pink 2:4


  • Suds-n-Sass Jelly Balm: Sunkissed
  • MAC Subculture lip pencil
  • Rimmel Birthday Suit
  • Coastal Scents Lip Smacks: Odyssey

Plumeria & Lavender – Be My Valentine Makeup

This entire look was triggered by the happy arrival of one of my Valentine’s presents from Nick. He wanted to get me the traditional flowers and such but I am so into my makeup I just said get me the Ben Nye Grand Lumiere palette and so it was…

Click on pic to go to site where I
purchased this amazing palette from!
Plumeria & Lavender


  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW 15
  • MAC Lightsweep Shadester Sculpt and Shape Powder
  • MAC Mineralized Skin Finish: Red Head
  • MAC Studio Fix N4

Eyes (ALL MAC unless noted)

  • Painterly Paintpot
  • Nylon (highlight, tear duct)
  • Scene 1 (lid)
  • Ben Nye Amethyst (crease)
  • Beautiful Iris (blend above crease)
  • NYX blue/black/purple glitter cream (bottom lid)
  • Blacktrack fluidline
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Liner – Zero
  • ZoomLash ZoomBlack
  • Ardell lashes – 117
  • Fix+


  • MAC Dollymix


  • MAC Hush Hush Tendertone
  • MAC Popmode Lipglass

Reviewing MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

I have had issues for a while (well since August when we moved back to MD) with acne and the foundation I was using was not working. Finally I decided I needed to move past the MAC Select SPF15 Foundation that provided a very sheen coverage and go towards something that provided a stronger, more thorough coverage (until these scars vanished anyway).

I went to my MAC counter and I spoke to the MUA, letting her know know of my acne dilemma. I already use the MAC Studio Fix Powder in N4 so she suggested that I try the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation because it provides such great coverage.

Product: Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation
Price: $26 for 30 mL/1 oz
Brand: MAC
Rating: 5 out of 5 NAT’s

After dealing with the acne issues I have had to deal with this year I didn’t want to go outside because of the scars and pimples. I have NEVER had acne in my life. As soon as I bought this foundation, which I apply with the MAC 187 brush, the amount of compliments I received were too many to count on both my fingers and toes.

“Mrs. Neagle what are did you do to your face? It looks as smooth as porcelain.”

Matthew, 8th grader
Jan, 2009

As the quote from one of my student tells you, I LOVE THIS STUFF! Before I wore this foundation, I had to use concealor on top of my foundation. Now I just pour a small dallop onto a cd I no longer use and apply with my foundation brush. This foundation buffs with ease and applys smoothly.

Price wise the bottle you buy is worth every penny. If you are wondering what your next bottle of foundation should be, may I suggest MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. I am NW 15 (yep, ghostly white) and I love love love it!


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