Hart of Dixie: Take This Job and Shove It

Hart of Dixie: Take This Job and Shove It

For once, Zoe gets in a pickle and it’s not because of her. This time, we have her beau to thank as he puts his foot in his mouth and tells Brick she is going to open her own doctor office. George happens to be present when Zoe talks to Brick about this and he informs her she can’t open an office within 20 miles or face an exorbitant fine.

George helps Lynly with LSATs and she consistently puts the moves on him. She decides to show up in lingerie in his houseboat. He helps her zip her dress and gets his finger caught, leaving him no choice but to call Zoe for help. Needing to lose the tail, Brick put on her to try and catch her in the act of treating patients, she enlists the help of Wade and he distracts him. Joel gets Wade to punch him in the stomach so he can be treated by Brick and keep him distracted while Zoe works on sewing up George.

LaVon wants to get a minor league baseball team and begs Brick for help, which requires him to talk to the teams owner, who happen to crush on him hard in college. He ends up ditching her to see what Zoe is up to because his Pharmacist/Private Eye he hired lost her.

Lemon goes up against Cricket and the Belle’s and forms a Resistance. Hoping others will join, she calls a meeting, but is busted. She has to perform sanctions or she can leave the Belle’s. She goes a long with it, cleaning graffiti, scraping gum, etc and then decides in the end to quit. Annabeth joins her and quits the Belle’s too.

Zoe goes to Brick and presents him with a check for $350,000 and said just don’t cash it for 10 to 15 years because she wants to practice medicine. They come to an agreement that she will work for him as an associate.

Hart of Dixie: S3.E2 Recap

Friends in Low Places

The show opens with a bit of awkwardness in each relationship we see.




We discover George had a one-night stand with Lavon’s cousin,Lynly. He didn’t know that was his cousin, and being the sweet southern boy that he is, he made her eggs before leaving. That gesture turned her one night stand into wanting to see him again, but he’s not really interested. Lavon goes to George as his lawyer, about his cousin, not realizing it was him that slept with her.


Zoe is back to Bluebell and her boyfriend Joel is with her. She spends the day trying to convince him that Bluebell is awesome. Dash is spreading the rumor that Lemonade LIVES and everyone in the Rammer Jammer eggs them on to kiss. Lemon comes up with steps to dissolving her fake relationship.

The Fake Relationship Break Up Rules

  1.  Announce having problems
  2. Stage fight and end it
  3. Move on with lives and hope everyone has amnesia
  4. You get some mouthwash

Lemon is having a secret affair with Meatball and when he finds out she is “with” Wade, he refuses to continue their relationship. Zoe thinks Lemonade is disturbing an possibly against nature, yet when she takes Joel for breakfast, she’s obviously jealous and Wade can see it.


Later, Zoe finds Lemon flirting with Carter Covington and starts to question their relationship.

As the day progresses, the small dinner party thrown by Annabeth and Lavon for Zoe and Joel turns into a full affair as George, Lemon, and Wade manage to get invited (or invite themselves) and the craziness begins.

  • Lavon hated Joel’s book and they get into an awkward conversation.
  • George tries to backpedal with Lynly, but she really wants to have some sort of relationship with him. He says no and Lavon interrupts, trying to find out WHO broke her heart.
  • Zoe realizes nobody knew until yesterday about Lemonade and believes their relationship is fake.
  • Wade really doesn’t want the fake relationship to come to light and Lemon introduces him to Carter in front of Zoe to sell it, then tells Carter in private the relationship is fake b/c Wade is terminal.
  • Joel eats a catfish cake and starts having a reaction b/c he’s allergic to peanuts.
  • Meatball crashes the party intoxicated and drops the ball that he has had sex with her. But the best part is in how he introduces himself to Carter — “I’m Meatball. No last name needed, like Cher or Jesus.”

Joel asks three important questions that we were all thinking and what Zoe called:

Bluebell’s Favorite Game

1. Meatball?

2. Seriously?

3. Is Cricket’s husband gay or just Southern?


Gee, Cricket, I don’t know.

Wade and Zoe share a moment, showing us Zade is not dead.


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