Sun Versus Snow 1st 250

first 250Sun Versus Snow is right around the corner and people have been posting their queries here for feedback. I’ve been asked to open a post for people trying to perfect their first 250 before the contest starts.

Your wish is my command!

Post your first 250 words of your novel below and allow others to offer up corrective criticism and help you tighten it up to gain the attention of Michelle and Amy come contest day!

Sun Versus Snow Query Contest

With #pitchMAS in full swing, I’m moving forward into January and preparing for other contests out in the blogosphere. Luckily, there are two! First is #pitmad on twitter, which is just like #pitchMAS and dealing with twitter pitches, but later in the month is #sunvssnow and it focuses on your query and first 250 words.




Hosted by: Michelle Hauck (Team Snow) and Amy Trueblood (Team Sun)

Submissions Open:  Saturday, January 18th at noon Eastern time

Submissions Close:  Sunday, January 19th  at 8:00 pm Eastern time

Open to: Adult, NA, YA, and Middle Grade with POLISHED and READY manuscripts

Qualifications to enter: Follow both Michelle on Twitter and their blogs (see original post for information)

What to Submit: Query & First 250 words of your manuscript

What to Expect: Michelle & Amy will pick 15 queries each. Mentors will provide feedback from JAN 23 – JAN 27 as will each of the 30 participants. After receiving two days to make improvements, the new queries and 250 words must be resubmitted by 8pm, January 29th. Beginning Feb 1, agents will have access to your work. There is also a FREE PASS opportunity you can win, where you get to skip the selection process and get placed directly in the pile to be viewed by the agents. 

So are you going to enter? I can’t wait!


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