Eylure Naturalites & Katy Perry ‘s Newest Lashes

This summer Eylure released additional lashes to their ever popular Katy Perry and Naturalites collections. Both new releases are designed with all levels of eyelash users in mind and for any occasion.

Eylure’s Got You Covered!




Eylure will incorporate four new styles into the Naturalites family including the Super Full 011, 032 and 083 and the Natural Volume 035.


NATURALITES 035 have the natural volume that offer a a subtly full look. A similar, but lighter version of the popular 080 lash style. Perfect for everyday, whether you are going to school or to work. Wear alone or with a full look, these lashes look great all the time.



NATURALITES 032 is a superfine lash in the style of the most natural looking lash, the 020. Perfect for someone that wants to add a little bit to their lashes, but doesn’t want the lashes to appear fake. The lashes are lightweight and provide the added flair your look might need, whether simple or complex.

Eylure Naturalite lashes all come with a tube of glue formulated to give you the strongest possible hold for your lashes. With proper maintenance, these lashes can be used repeatedly.

Rating: A+

Katy Perry

Hand-picked personally by Katy, the new styles join the ever-so-popular Katy Perry by Eylure collection. The Pretty and Darling designs are self-adhesive allowing for instant application and can be re-applied for multiple wears. These are the perfect lashes for first-time wearers and will encourage those interested in lashes, but who are unsure about look or application.




“Like many others, the first time I tried to apply false lashes, it was a struggle. The trimming, the glue, the application – all of it can seem intimidating,” says Katy Perry. “I wanted to create a simpler, more stress-free way of highlighting your natural beauty. So now, my new styles are self-adhesive and not overwhelming to those who are trying for the first time. The styles are a natural variation from my first collection, with a style to suit those wanting a subtle look, as well as one that packs a little more punch! Both lashes will suit all eye types for those on-the-go girls!”

These lashes come with an extra strip of adhesive to increase the number of uses you can get out of them. Absolutely perfect for traveling so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of carrying a tube of glue that could break and make a mess. Speaking from experience, I could have used these lashes when I flew this past  year. They only come in two styles right now, both of which seem to be going towards the more natural styles. I love to have long, full lashes and would have liked to see more of a variety come out with the self-adhesive strips.

Rating: A-

Review Recap:

Price: Naturalites $5.99 USD /Katy Perry $6.99 USD

Availability: Naturalites styles are available in ULTA stores nationwide and via ULTA.com. Sold at Ulta and various drugstores that sell fine lashes. Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure are available at ULTA Beauty, CVS, and Claire’s Boutique.

Selection: Two lash styles from the Katy Perry line and four additions to the Naturalites line

Overall: The new Katy Perry lashes offer a first time user the ability to feel comfortable in them before venturing into something more bold and daring. The Naturalites provide volume without making you feel like you should walk the catwalk. It would have been nice to see some of the other lash styles available with the self-adhesive backings, but these lashes are worth every penny.

Rating: A



Disclosure: This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested.

Katy Perry Eylure

Something I have always admired about Katy Perry is her fearless use of dramatic colors and lashes. She has always had gorgeous colored hair, be it blue, pink, or black. I already fell in love with eylure lashes, but when I found out they teamed up with Katy Perry, I knew I couldn’t wait to try them.

While on vacation in ATL, I ended up going to an ULTA and picking up the Oh, Honey lashes even though I knew a set of lashes were on the way from one of the PR firms I work with. I wore them the rest of the trip and I absolutely love them. They are perfect for everyday use – less dramatic than say the Oh My! lashes or the Cool Kitty lashes. Inside the box is a cute little oval sticker in the same font as the name on the box – Sweetie Pie, Oh, Honey!, etc. Free advertising for any student’s notebook, laptop, etc. Very smart marketing!


They are available at Ulta for an additional $1 over regular eylure lashes ($6.99 USD). I am sure that is to pay for the Katy Perry adverts, but in reality an unnecessary cost (and the only thing I could find to hold against the product).

I love this brand and I will definitely use them over and over and over. I hope you take a try at these lashes – if you get some, tell me in the comments, which one’s you would try. I love them and have started wearing them to work on a daily basis.


Disclaimer: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested.

Easier Than Falsies: Shiseido Mascara Base

eyeshadow primer

If you are anything like me, you open a drawer to your makeup world and you are faced with choices. Which foundation to wear; which base to prime with; which eyeshadow combination to apply. The choices are relentless and time consuming. This does not bode well when it’s 5:15 a.m. and I have an entire day ahead of me!

While staring at my mascara bin hoping something would jump out at me the other day, something shiny (oohh, shiiinney!) caught my attention. Pushing mascaras aside, I found the shiny thing – only to push it aside and realize my Shiseido Mascara Base was underneath it – and had barely been used.

Immediately, I went to applying the base. It’s not like most eyelash bases you have seen on the market. Both drugstore and high end bases I have seen are white. This one is almost an opaque gray that reminds me of a face primer. The results are pretty amazing though and no gluing is involved 🙂


Just a few swipes (I take it very slow to make sure I coat my lash from base to tip) and my lashes are instantly longer. Switching to the next eye, I allow time for the base to set and for the protein coat to harden (if that is in fact what it’s doing) causing my lashes to appear longer.

Once a sufficient amount of time has passed, I applied the first mascara in my bin that my hand could reach and applied it sparingly. My one and only complaint with this base is that even though my lashes look a full inch longer with this product, when I put a mascara on top of it, the mascara wand pushes my lashes together. If there is something I hate more than drawn on eyebrows, its clumpy looking eyelashes. Using my spooly, I pulled my lashes apart and they looked much better.

If you are willing to use the spooly and work the lashes apart, this product is great. It does what it set out to do and you use so much less mascara, the cost is worth it in the long run.

Do you use a base/primer for your eyelashes?

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Funny The Way It Is” by Dave Matthews Band

Revlon Lashes

The Easiest Lashes to Apply…



When you think of false lashes, Revlon may not be the brand that comes to mind. For most people they think of Ardell, or ELF, or MUFE, or…or…or…

For a very reasonable price, you can try on lashes that are non-irritating on the eyes and very durable. Not only can you choose between a variety of shapes, volumes, and lengths, you can choose whether or not you want to use glue.

No glue? Then how does it stick?

There are a few lashes that are being offered as self-adhesive, which means they are latex-free for you allergy sufferers. They are so sticky, I was able to even reapply my lashes after I removed them. If you prefer the glue to the self-adhesive stickies that come attached to the eyelash container, you won’t be disappointed. Generally I use the DUO eyelash glue, even when the eyelashes come with glue. However, I wanted to try the product in its entirety to give a truly fair review. In terms of lash glue, I will admit, I like my DUO lash better. I like it better than the lash glue that comes with the Ardell lashes as well. I didn’t at first, but now I am used to it. The glue did what it was supposed to do and kept the lashes attached.

Overall, I think these lashes are amazing. The variety alone makes them a keeper, and when you consider the price and the fact that if you handle them properly you get more than one use out of them, Revlon has found themselves a good product.


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