Star Wars, Harry Potter & Other Nerdy MBTI Charts

Star Wars, Harry Potter & Other Nerdy MBTI Charts

If you’ve ever taken a Myers-Briggs personality test, you know it can be fun to see what your personality type is according to the test and how well it matches up to you. Well, recently I’ve seen a few of them pop up on tumblr and even on Facebook, so I thought I’d compile the list of the ones I’d found and put them here. My results changed from the last time I took this test because up until 2012, I never considered myself an introvert. I’ve definitely become one now.

I tested at INFJ — Counselor.

If you don’t know, take the test here then get your score and see who are you!

Star Wars

Star Trek


My Little Pony


Harry Potter


Orange is the New Black



Check out the FRIENDS one here

If you like that, check out this tumblr where the owner takes characters and writes up their test results.

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