South Beach Recipes & Websites

 I announced I was going on Phase 1 of the South Beach diet again to help jump start my metabolism. Immediately, emails and tweets poured in asking for details on what they could eat if they did it with me, etc.

A long time ago I posted a blog on Phase 1 foods on – at the moment, I have all my weight loss recipes and South Beach tips there – hope to move them here soon. You can have hummus on phase one – it’s not listed in that blog!

In case you are wondering what foods you can and cannot eat, check out the blog I posted above as well as these sites below. Success is within your grasp as long as you are eating the right foods!
 South Beach Diet Official Site
  Kalyn’s Kitchen– Amazing Recipes
  South Beach Friends Wiki – Don’t have the books? You don’t need them! ALL the recipes are here!
  Low Carb Veggie Recipes

Hope this helps you figure out what you can and cannot eat! Day 3 is going well so far!   

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Removed” by Billy Burke (Charlie from Twilight Saga)

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