Sleep Away the Frownies

Sleep Away the Frownies


Who would have guessed that smiling had it’s downside: laugh lines and wrinkles. But, there’s a product out there that allows you to turn your frown upside down. It’s called FROWNIES and it protects, repairs, and postpones the signs of aging.


If smiling and laughing because I am a happy person is considered bad, then so be it – the price of years of smiling/laughing constantly has given me lines on my forehead that never seem to go away, along with lines at the outer corner of my eye. However, after trying the Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes Patches, I have hope. Hope that my laugh lines don’t have to be as prominent as they are now. Hope that this product that I wear while sleeping will actually retrain my facial muscles to lie smooth and flat. Hope that with repeated use, I will remain looking younger and feeling ready to take over the world.


Part of my confidence is inspired by how pretty I feel at that moment. Follow the thinking and this product can inspire confidence. It’s much cheaper than Botox and pain free. If you have lines you are insecure about or simply want to prevent them from rearing their ugly head, take two of these and message me in the morning!


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