Revolution S2. E4 Patriot Games Recap

Revolution S2. E4 Patriot Games Recap

Charlie is screwed (or about to be) until Monroe swoops in with his machete’s and saves the day, which pisses off Charlie even more. Even though Charlie doesn’t like it, she sticks with Monroe because they know that the government (calling themselves Patriots) are trouble.


Rachel wakes up to the Patriots in her town and she and Miles know it’s not a good thing. He goes outside the walls and fights and kills bad guy Titus, while Rachel shares her Anti-Patriot beliefs with Ken, who plans on killing her because they recruited him 7 YEARS AGO. Ya think ya know someone.



Aaron has turned into some kind of freak, using the matrix to see throughout the land. Fireflies as eyes, he catches two guards on fire as they are about to capture Miles.



Major Neville is tired of Cooke making life hard for him so he follows him to an opium den and makes him OD, giving himself a promotion.



This episodes MVP: AARON because you burned two guys while you were sleeping and saved Miles.

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