Urban Decay Liquid Liners

Urban Decay Liquid Liners

A few months ago I decided I was going to try some liquid liners. I took a trip to a Sephora with my mother and they had the Urban Decay Smog liner at the counter trying to sell it to the group of people that can be hooked while you are at the checkout.

I went ahead and grabbed it because at the time it was only a few dollars for the liner and I wanted to try out some liquid liners. As you can see from the pictures, I have gotten some more since buying my first liner.


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For $18 and from either Urban Decay’s or Sephora, you can get your hands on the easiest to apply liquid liner around. If you sign up for either or BOTH websites newsletters and join their email lists you just might get word of discounts and sales.

The applicator is easy to hold and applies very smoothly. The wand is flat and even an inexperienced person at applying eye liner can apply this with ease. I say that because my mother who has the worst eye sight of anyone I know and has always had difficulty applying pencil liners can apply this liner.

The bottle is really cute with an ink well type of bottle and if you are afraid of shimmer or sparkles, then have no fear, they have plain colors too.

So far I only own three of these liners.
So far….

I have noticed I pull for these liners way more than I pull for ANY other liners. I don’t use my MAC fluidlines hardly at all now. I just can’t believe that. I can use the tip of the wand to make a super thin line or I can lay the wand flat and make a thick line and wing it out.

I look for faults in all the products I decide I am going to blog about and the only two I can find that are deterrents are price and colors. I think for the amount of product you get the price is not too shabby. Some might find fault with that, but a little bit goes a long way, but some people don’t want to pay that up front. I also think that most of the colors are bright and bold and somewhat metallic. There are colors that are what I could consider “flat” but possibly not enough to keep the neutral makeup lovers happy. Being a neutral makeup wearer myself most days, I can say the three I own look amazing just on top of something as simple as MAC’s shroom/cork/wedge.

So with that being said, I LOVE these liquid liners – I WILL be buying more!!
I give it 4.5 OUT of 5

Questions –

  1. Do you use liquid liner?
  2. Have you tried this liner?
  3. If you use liquid liner – what’s your favorite?
  4. If you use liquid liner – do you prefer drugstore to name brand?

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