Reviewing Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion

For a Christmas present from fellow YouTuber and bff – I was given Urban Decay’s Complexion Primer Potion. Toni knew how much I loved Urban Decay and that I was on the look out for a good primer. I couldn’t wait to try this!

Right away, I gave a thumbs up to the cute packaging and aesthetic appeal of the product. Once you twist the top and squeeze, a white cream is expelled. I have tried a variety of primers but none with this consistency. I felt like it was thicker than most and somewhat greasy as I rubbed it between my fingers.

I applied to to my face and went about my makeup application. I noticed my face felt somewhat oily before I applied my foundation. I wore this for a few days and then I realized I was breaking out. My face felt somewhat oily at the end of the night and it hadn’t been that way in a very long time. I discontinued the product and realized the oily feeling diminished as well as the pimples.

I really liked the way this product kept my makeup in place. I would say the actual product is just as good as MAC Prep + Prime as long as it doesn’t break you out. Since it’s thicker than other primers I’ve seen, you need to use a bit more to get it to spread over your entire face evenly.

I have the product ready to exchange at Sephora when I get a chance. I absolutely adore Urban Decay products, but for me this product did not work.  Buying from either Sephora or Urban Decay’s website, you can own this product for $30. This product did not work out with my skin type, but it might work out for you.

2 thoughts on “Reviewing Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion

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