Removing Artificial Nails Without Damaging Your Nail!

Removing Artificial Nails Without Damaging Your Nail!

A while back I received an invitation to a webinar offered by Broadway nails. Something I learned is that there is a “proper way” to removing acrylic or artificial nails. Granted, I have paid to have my nails “soaked off” at the nail salon, sitting in a bowl of nail polish remover for what feels like forever. The acetone stinks and then I have to pay between $15-$20. In lieu of that, I usually break and tear them off, which leaves my nails looking horrible. Well, I’m not interested in paying $20 and wasting 20 minutes and I’m not interested in ripping my nails off anymore. I have discovered there is a solution that gives me what I’m looking for and it can be found at the most stores selling beauty products.

For attending this webinar, I received the products they discussed – so yes, I got them for free. However, I devoted my time to attend and as we all know – time is money.  Anyway, the product they used to take off artificial nails works like a charm.  The nail polish remover is unlike the loads of removers out there because it not only removed the polish with ease, it didn’t stink, and it left my fingers feeling conditioned and moisturized. Not dried out like most acetones are known to do.

I had been wearing the short style Hirajuku nails made by Broadway for over a week when I decided it was time to take them off. I started picking at them like I always do when it’s time to take off nails (in my world) and quickly stopped. I reminded myself of what I had been told in the webinar and went to get my nail polish remover.

When you remove the lid, you see there is a spot for your thumb and all your fingers to sit in the acetone solution. I immediately noticed the nail polish remover didn’t smell strong like most removers, but had a sweeter scent to it that didn’t burn my nose. I also noted the bristles to put my hand in which would no doubt aid in the removal process.

Diving right into the solution, I put my fingers in there and literally only let them sit for a minute. I wanted to see how strong the solution was at removing the artificial nail.

My nails after being in the solution for only a minute. You can see the remover is working over time to eat away at the artificial nail. I was beyond impressed.

Using the stick that came with my package of artificial nails, I noticed right away I could lift the edge of the nail after only a minute. I put my hand back in the solution and I left it there for another minute.

When I removed the hand again, I could see the artificial nail had not only deteriorated even more, it was eager to come off. With a simple slide of the wooden stick under the rest of the nail, it popped right off without hesitation. I noticed my nails did not feel “cold” or “dry” the way they normally feel after soaking in acetone. Instead, they felt moist as if they had been oiled. I do believe there are oils in this acetone solution and why I love this product so much.

See how shiny my nails are after being removed? This is the fastest I have ever taken my nails off – drugstore bought or salon. The nails were loaded with glue and did not appear weak or brittle at all before dipping in the solution. Yet, they came off and my nails seemed to emerge from the polish remover in better condition than when I put them in!

The nails popped off easy and in one piece. No hassles and the entire container retails for less than $10.

The moral here (for me anyway) is that I won’t be ripping off or paying for the salon to take off my nails. I will do it at home and have nicer nails (and a fatter wallet) in the process. I admit, I did not attempt this with salon acrylic nails, but I have no doubt it won’t do the same.

How do you take off your artificial nails? Have you tried this product? Share your tips and tricks below!

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