RED HOT TV: American Horror Story

RED HOT TV: American Horror Story

EN_US_1280x720_70210884_American-Horror-StoryI’m the kind of person that needs background noise when I am studying. If it’s quiet, I’m screwed. I’m probably going to study for ten minutes, then two hours later realize I’ve been online window shopping and no studying has been accomplished. So I use NetFlix & Hulu Plus to keep me occupied. Following the advice of a dear friend, I decided to watch AHS. WOW.

I knew very little about this story going into it other than each season would be a different story and the characters would be different (even if they were played by the same people). Jessica Lange does a phenomenal job both seasons, making me love and hate her at the same time and Evan Peters is incredible at portraying such a large variety of emotion on this show. Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Dylan McDermott and Zachary Quinto also bring so much to their performances you believe they really are capable of doing everything they did.


The biggest let down for me with this show is the number of episodes it brings with each season – I NEED MORE! Having the ability to marathon this show made it worth waiting to watch it until later because OMFG <<insert entire string of swearwords here>> this show is amazing. Season 1 reminded me a lot of Stephen King’s Rose Red, which I loved so much and Season 2 reminded me of House on Haunted Hill. I liked each season for various reasons, but can’t say one is better than the other. Both kicked ass. I can’t wait for Season 3 now because Kathy Bates is going be the villain and if you’ve seen Misery, well rumor has it, Annie Wilkes ain’t got nothing on what she will be presenting.

All I can say is this – get on board. With each season being entirely different from the last, you have nothing to worry about catching up! With that being said, GO WATCH SEASON 1 NOW! I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts.

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