Red Apple Lipstick Review

Red Apple Lipstick Review


A friend of mine introduced me to Red Apple Lipstick and I’m very glad they did. This company might not be as well known as SugarPill or MAC Cosmetics, but I have no doubt when word gets around regarding the quality of their lipsticks, their popularity will soar.

Red Apple Lipstick prides themselves on being a safe and smart alternative to the usual suspects. A vegan lipstick, they are free of gluten and parabens.

Red Apple Lipstick

Lipstick Collections


RAL Originals

Red!, Love My Kiss, Strawberry Lips, Flirt With Me, Crush On Me, Secrets, Mauve Me, Plum Sexy Crazy, French Skirt


Summer Passions

Reddy or Not, Sunkissed, Beach Peach, Berry Blash, Summer Sands, Pinky Promise, Petal Pusher, Boys’n’Berries

Signature Lip Duos

Red Duos, Love My Kiss, Ruby Slippers

First Impression

I couldn’t believe how amazing this lipstick and liner felt when I applied it. Smooth and creamy; lips like velvet, moisture-rich and highly pigmented.

Review Recap: 

  • Price: $17.50-$40 USD
  •  Availability: Web-based Only: Red Apple Lipstick
  • Selection: Three lip collections offering a variety of colors. RAL also sells lipgloss, lip pencils, lip balms, exfoliates, and now eye shadows
  • Overall: While the selection is constantly growing, the products currently offered go on smooth and creamy. The color’s range from pinks to reds, but at the moment there aren’t many in between. As the company grows, I imagine more colors and finishes will be created for each and every look possible. The prices are bit higher than some might want to pay for lipstick, but the good news is that they last and the payoff is worth the price.
  • Rating: A-


Disclosure: This post contains a sample product sent to me for consideration by PR. This site does not offer paid or guaranteed reviews, only honest opinions of the products tested.

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