I am a plotter. I take an idea and I try to break it down into an outline. Each bullet represents something that happens in a chapter. If detail is needed, I elaborate. It makes it easier for me to stay on target and not run off into another world where secondary characters take over (that happened with this MS A LOT to the point where I had to rename a character and the cause behind their disability because he demanded he get his own book).

In February, I started this novel, so I started an outline.

DLS Outline

I hit 50K in the month of February. Took a break for the first few weeks of March and caught up on ABC Scandal. When I started back up, I didn’t write, but edited. I cut over 4K from the intro and in March added a total of 19K words, giving me a net of 15K. The homestretch came the first week of April and I finished the MS on April 6th in the wee early morning hours. My completed outline grew into the beast you see below. It is much more involved than my original and I added the yellow highlighting to signify whenever something insane happened due to my stalker, Secret. As you can see, there is A LOT OF YELLOW.

outline fini

I will admit, I did stray from the outline some, but overall, this worked for me. My first Thriller is in the bag and I couldn’t be more excited.

Question for all my readers: What’s your style? Are you a pantser or a plotter or some wicked hybrid?

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