YA Contemporary. 76K

Sometimes what you need is exactly where you aren’t looking. 

Fleur & Logan

After wrecking her Porsche in Canyon Crest, Indiana, and getting sentenced to community service, eighteen-year-old Fleur finds a cowboy and the small town were exactly what she needed. 

When eighteen-year-old Manhattan socialite, Fleur von der Linde’s plans to road trip across the country with her crush and best friends ends up being a total cluster, Fleur turns her car around, leaving her so-called friends in her dust. Not the best at navigating (why bother learning when she has a driver), Fleur gets lost. Her trip only gets worse when she swerves to avoid hitting Bambi and plows into a fence, a sign, and a large pine tree.

The police arrive and arrest Fleur for presenting her fake ID, a misunderstanding she’s certain her father will rectify. But his reaction isn’t what she wants when he finds out she wrecked his brand new Porsche. To teach Fleur a lesson, her father makes a deal with the judge, allowing Fleur to work off the property damages she owes as the judge sees fit through community service. Now Fleur’s stuck in Canyon Crest, Indiana, ‘the small town with a big heart,’ with no money and no friends, doing something she never thought she’d ever do—working as a waitress.

At least Logan, the farmhand working where Fleur is staying provides a much needed distraction until she can escape this nightmare road trip. Except, the longer Fleur stays in Canyon Crest, the deeper her feelings for Logan become and Fleur finds herself no longer interested in rushing to go home. But as the summer nears its end and senior year’s around the corner, Fleur has to decide if the one she’s given her heart to is worth the heartache or if he should become nothing more than a detour on her road trip.

PAPER HEARTS is a standalone young adult contemporary complete at 76,000. Fans of Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl and Amy Sherman-Palladino’s Gilmore Girls who enjoyed the CW’s Hart of Dixie will love PAPER HEARTS.


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