Oz The Great and Powerful – Movie Review

Oz The Great and Powerful – Movie Review

From the first time I saw a teaser trailer about this movie, I became excited like a little school girl. I dished out money to see a special showing of The Wizard of Oz on the big screen in NOVA (Northern VA), so there was NO WAY I would miss this.


Directed by Sam Raimi, everything the man touches turns out beautifully. Of course, wherever there is Sam, there will be Bruce Campbell. He pops up in all of Sam’s movies, just like Stan Lee does in the movies of his comics. I love it! Danny Elfman did the music in this movie, mixing that perfect harmony of fantasy with the fight for good versus evil.

I saw this movie in 3D and if you have the ability to see it in 3D, you must! Just like the original, the movie starts off in Kansas in black and white. Well, while the screen is still in black and white, the movie is not widescreen. Whenever something happens that is enhanced by 3D, that black space surrounding the movie is used up, really giving you the impression something is jumping off the screen. It’s pretty awesome.

Once you get to Oz, the movie goes to widescreen where the sets are breathtaking. Thanks to my daughter’s love of the Disney Channel, I’ve seen Mila Kunis talk enough about the movie to know that a large portion of the set was real.

A part of this movie I loved is that hints leading up to The Wizard of Oz were dropped throughout. We know that Dorothy wears a blue and white gingham dress. She lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry and that her name is Dorothy Gale. That is brought up very subtly in this movie while we see Oz in Kansas. It’s pretty cool.

Once in Oz, in the original the Wicked Witch of the East is killed with Dorothy’s house. All that is left of her is her ruby slippers. I couldn’t help but think Theodora HAD to be her since she wears red. If that were the case, Evanora had to be the Wicked Witch of the West because she wears green. There is only one Glinda in both movies, but I can’t tell if the movies messed up or what because I noticed a MAJOR inconsistency. Glinda in The Wizard of Oz, was the Good Witch of the North and in this movie, she is introduced as the Good Witch of the South. HMMMM…You find out some background on all three witches and why they are the way they are – it’s pretty great.

This movie has quite a twist to it and does a great job explaining how the Wizard of Oz came to be the man behind the curtain we saw when Toto pulled it in the original movie.

While it’s over 2 hours long, it goes really fast, building up Oz and showing his flaws. One of the lines James Franco says in the beginning is “I’ll see you in my dreams.” OMG, I thought I was going to die! I’ve said to my husband since 1998 when we first started dating (yes, do the math, we’ve been an item for almost 15 years). It’s also a line in my novel because it means so much to me. Good to know other people think the same way I do.

So, Oz The Great and Powerful – GO. SEE. IT. WOW.

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