Mystery Revealed: Eyelash Curler

Mystery Revealed: Eyelash Curler

I love my friends. I am so lucky I have them. I have been honored to meet Lisa, LisaSz09, the QUEEN of REVIEWS, twice now and after our last luncheon, she said she would hook me up with an eye-lash curler.


Let me premise this by saying I am eye-lash-curler-stupid.

Yep, stupid.No, you didn’t hear me wrong.


Now that we’ve cleared that up, let me explain. My mother used eye lash curlers when I was growing up. I would watch her curl her lashes and never understood the whole point in it. I have moderately long lashes, but never saw the purpose. She would complain when her lashes would stick to the crazy contraption. That was all I needed to say forget it.

Years later.

I did end up buying one. I bought a Revlon one from the drugstore, determined I was going to understand what so many people were ranting and raving about. I ended up twisting my face in the same pained face my mother made when her lashes got stuck. I wondered why I paid $$ for this hand held torture device.


Then Lisa and I were talking over cheesecake about the shu uemura eye lash curler that cost an arm and a leg, and maybe even your first born (jury still out on the latter choice). She said not to waste the money. I told her I was still dying to find out the magical point behind the eye lash curler. So she sent me the ELF eye lash curler. You can now purchase it from Target – if you have one near you – or for a whopping $1. Not $20 or your first born child. $1.

So I try it. No mini-medevil torture device here. This device works. Shaped like the Tarte eye lash curler (for about $14 less), the eyelashes actually curl up like they were supposed to. I discovered with the right device, the eyelashes flip up and ultimately your eyes are opened up. They P.O.P. and look bigger. Throw on some mascara and wow! wow! wow!


So I now have an understanding of the infamous eyelash curler. I appreciate it. I respect it. I use it daily. I owe it all to Lisa.


Here’s to another beauty mystery revealed – TO ME! lol


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