My Writing Process Blog Tour

My Writing Process Blog Tour

I’ve been asked to do this before and because of one thing or another, I never did. But when YA and NA author, Jamie Rae asked, I decided it was time to do it. So, thank you Jamie!


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What are you working on?

I just finished writing a YA Mystery that fans of the shows Veronica Mars or CSI: Crime Scene Investigation should enjoy. I’m in the process of a monstrous book hangover where I don’t want to let my characters go, so I’m plotting a book two for this series. The characters keep talking, so I must listen. I’m also plotting a YA psychological thriller.

How does my work differ from others in the genre?

I can’t help but write strong female characters that don’t want to be a damsel in distress. My characters know exactly who they are even though they are teenagers. For one reason or another, their pasts have helped them define themselves in such a way, they know what they want. They all have a hint of darkness to them, but in the end and after they’ve been put through the ringer, it helps them survive. I’m not afraid to hurt or kill my characters either.

Why do I write what I write?

I love reading YA and when I can’t find the book I want to read on the bookshelves, the next best thing I can do is write it. I want to create situations for teens that require them to rise above, deliver the message that failure is not an option, and to always be their own hero. I also aim to feed the #WeNeedDiverseBooks movement because all of my novels have a diverse cast.

How does my individual writing process work?

I have blogged about my emotional status as I write a novel here.  I’m a plotter all the way. I’m guessing that’s because so far every novel I’ve ever dreamed up has been a series. I try to place breadcrumbs in each book and to do that, I have to know what’s going to happen. If I write something three books later, I want the reader to remember something from book one and have their ah ha! moment. I use outlines and what I’ve called a background bible. Everything I could ever want to know about my characters goes into this document. Demographics, favorite colors, school schedules, back story, what the house looks like, what their bedroom looks like, etc. I also write my synopsis and pitch before I write (this is something new I tried with my last novel and it worked well for me) and follow a detailed outline. I will add to my outline as I’m writing if new details pop up, but I generally follow it.

I have to have caffeine, music, and a candle burning if I want to get a large word count in. I also purchased a pair of Beats to help me focus. With them on, productivity doubled and I finished my latest novel faster than I thought I would.

Now it’s your turn!

I am going to step outside the box and not have specific people lined up to do this already, but make it an open invitation. If you haven’t answered these questions on your blog yet, please do and send me the link so I can read it. If you don’t want to blog about it,feel free to share your writing process in the comments.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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