My Successful Queries

My Successful Queries

You may or may not know that I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with several different agents since deciding to pursue publishing. I submitted different books each time I returned to the query trenches and while I’ve since tweaked the pitch and/or the book, I wanted to share with you each pitch that led to my offer of representation.

Agent 1:

Dear Agent:

After her celebrity parents’ divorce, sixteen-year-old Arissa Jayne moves to the suburban hellhole of Innsbrooke, Florida and abandons the spotlight and drama for a quiet life. But Arissa’s existence as Girl Invisible is threatened when she tutors Erica, a flirty cheerleader, and they find themselves discovering more about the chemistry between them than the periodic table.

That’s when the harassment starts. Except it’s not the usual gay-bashing Arissa’s dealt with before. Each mysterious text or tweet threatens violence. All signed by Secret. When Arissa tries to block Secret from contacting her, the texts progress to a car accident. And murder. With the police involved and the evidence pointing at Arissa, she must confront Secret or go down for crimes she didn’t commit.

Determined to find out who’s hell bent on destroying Arissa’s life, she and Erica set a trap to expose Secret’s identity. But in a town where nobody plays by the rules and everyone has something to hide, taking down Secret to clear Arissa’s name might cost them their lives.

DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS is Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars Series meets Heathers for the LGBT community, a 79,000 word standalone YA Contemporary Thriller with series potential.

*This title of this book has changed and the book has undergone several revisions.

Agent 2:

Dear Agent:

After mysteriously disappearing over the summer, sixteen-year-old Ember Crowe returns to her Outer Banks town of Saturn Pointe hoping to get back with her ex. Her plans change when she catches him with her nemesis, Taylor. One cat-fight and several threats later, Ember finds herself the new pet project of a gossip site, where it’s all Ember all the time.

Taylor breaks her silence and tells her side of the story—or at least, her body does when she’s fished out of the Atlantic. Murder. When the police drag Ember out of school for questioning, it’s not long before she realizes they’re building a case against her. Breaking as many laws as there are horrible comments on the gossip site, Ember obtains a copy of Taylor’s police file, which points her to a four-year-old missing person’s case—the older sister of her new boyfriend, Noah.

When the body of Noah’s missing sister turns up, Ember takes a cue from the gossip blog and sticks her nose where she shouldn’t, leading her to uncover a connection between the two murders. But the police refuse to listen. Ember and Noah go to the one person they know the cops can’t reach—the gossip blogger, who turns the town into a media circus. While the police follow all the wrong leads, The Saturn Killer chooses his next victim…Ember.

THE DAY YOU DIED is a 78,000 standalone YA Contemporary Romantic Suspense with thriller elements and series potential told in a semi-epistolary format utilizing blogs, journal entries, text messages, emails, and news reports. Fans of Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl and Rob Thomas’ Veronica Mars who enjoyed the plot twists of Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train will enjoy THE DAY YOU DIED.


Agent 3:

Dear Agent:

One year after moving to Atlanta to live with her mostly off-the-wagon Aunt Yolanda, Raine Harper still can’t remember much about her Sweet Sixteen party—only that police found her covered in blood, surrounded by bodies.

With the killer serving six consecutive life sentences, Raine is desperate to beat her PTSD and take her life back. But fragmented memories from The Sweet Sixteen Massacre return that don’t coincide with the police reports. And when the people Raine confides in turn up dead or go missing, she has to do the one thing she’s been unable to do for a year—face her demons and remember the worst night of her life. Because someone is lying, and what Raine doesn’t know could kill her.

THE LANGUAGE OF LIARS is a 77,000 standalone YA Psychological Thriller with series potential that switches between the present and the past—the latter presented in dual timelines. Fans of Michelle Hodkin’s The Mara Dyer series and Karen McManus’s One of Us is Lying will enjoy THE LANGUAGE OF LIARS.

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