YA Contemporary Suspense/Thriller. 76K

Some friendships are to die for.  

Junior year can’t get any worse after a hater blog blames Ember for the murder of her former BFF, Taylor. But then she discovers other deaths similar to Taylor’s – all unsolved. Little does Ember know the killer’s picked his next victim and her investigation might get her closer to the killer than she wants.


After spending the summer visiting family on the Cherokee Reservation, sixteen-year-old Ember Crowe returns to her Outer Banks town of Saturn Pointe hoping to get back with her ex. Her plans change when she catches him with her ex-BFF, Taylor. One cat-fight and several threats later, Ember finds herself the new pet project of a gossip site, where it’s all Ember all the time.


Taylor breaks her silence and tells her side of the story—or at least, her body does when she’s fished out of the Atlantic. Murder. When the police drag Ember out of school for questioning, it’s not long before she realizes they’re building a case against her. Breaking as many laws as there are horrible comments on the gossip site, Ember obtains a copy of Taylor’s police file, which points her to a four-year-old missing person’s case—the older sister of her new boyfriend, Noah.

When the body of Noah’s missing sister turns up, Ember takes a cue from the gossip blog and sticks her nose where she shouldn’t, leading her to uncover a connection between the two murders. But the police refuse to listen. Ember and Noah go to the one person they know the cops can’t reach—the gossip blogger, who turns the town into a media circus. Little does Ember know the killer’s picked his next victim and her investigation might get her closer to the killer than she wants.

THE DAY YOU DIED is a 76,000 standalone YA Contemporary Suspense with thriller elements and series potential told in a semi-epistolary format utilizing blogs, journal entries, text messages, emails, and news reports. Fans Rob Thomas’ Veronica Mars and CW’s Riverdale who enjoyed the plot twists of Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train will enjoy THE DAY YOU DIED.


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