YA LGBT Thriller – 77K

Love can be brutal. Sometimes it can be fatal. Especially if you have dirty little secrets.


Sixteen-year-old Arissa finds herself tangled in a deadly web of secrets and lies when she falls for Erica.

After her celebrity parents’ divorce, sixteen-year-old Arissa Jayne moves with her mom and little brother to Innsbrooke, Florida, happy to abandon the drama-filled spotlight for a normal, quiet life. But Arissa’s existence as Girl Invisible is threatened when she tutors Erica, a flirty cheerleader, and they discover more about the chemistry between them than the periodic table.

That’s when the harassment starts. Except it’s not the usual gay-bashing Arissa’s dealt with before. Each mysterious text or tweet threatens violence. All signed by Secret. After Arissa ignores Secret’s demands, Secret retaliates by causing a car accident. And when Arissa still won’t play Secret’s games, the violence escalates to murder.

With the police involved and the evidence pointing to Arissa, she must confront Secret or go down for crimes she didn’t commit. Determined to find out who’s trying to destroy Arissa’s life, she and Erica set a trap to expose Secret’s identity. But in a town where nobody plays by the rules and everyone has something to hide, taking down Secret to clear Arissa’s name might cost them their lives.

THE SECRET TO TELLING LIES is a 77,000 YA LGBT Thriller. Fans of Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars Series and CW’s Riverdale will enjoy THE SECRET TO TELLING LIES.