Keranique: Get Fuller Hair

Keranique: Get Fuller Hair

Even though most of what we hear about thinning hair and baldness is from males, women actually make up 40% of the American hair loss sufferers. Not to mention, the baldness gene is a sex-linked trait passed along the X-chromosome from generation to generation. Men have the pleasure of blaming mom’s for their baldness, whereas women have to inherit two X-chromosomes and both have to hold the baldness gene for a woman to express the recessive condition.

Now that the genetics lesson is over, let’s discuss some ways to counteract the effects of thinning and balding hair. We all know the tricks – sometimes they work – most of the time they don’t.

Whether we are blowing our hair upside down, using HUGE curlers, applying raw egg and beer to our hair, or harsh chemicals, women all want the same thing: FULL HAIR.

If your genes have caused your hair to thin out, you might want to consider the full Keranique line. One of the great things genetics has left me with is a full head of hair, however, no matter how thick it is, there are definitely times where it appears lifeless and flat.

If you are like me, then I would recommend trying the Keranique Fortifying Mousse ($20 USD). It makes your hair smooth, easier to brush, and full of volume. Applied to towel dried hair before you apply heat (blow dry, curling iron, or flat iron), my hair felt amazing afterwards. It’s specially formulated to it won’t make your hair feel stiff once the body is added.

A perfect product for someone trying to add volume to their hair or needing extra volume for a special occasion. You can purchase these products either from the Keranique website or HSN.

What do you currently do to add volume to your hair when it is less than perfect?

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