Katy Perry Eylure

Katy Perry Eylure

Something I have always admired about Katy Perry is her fearless use of dramatic colors and lashes. She has always had gorgeous colored hair, be it blue, pink, or black. I already fell in love with eylure lashes, but when I found out they teamed up with Katy Perry, I knew I couldn’t wait to try them.

While on vacation in ATL, I ended up going to an ULTA and picking up the Oh, Honey lashes even though I knew a set of lashes were on the way from one of the PR firms I work with. I wore them the rest of the trip and I absolutely love them. They are perfect for everyday use – less dramatic than say the Oh My! lashes or the Cool Kitty lashes. Inside the box is a cute little oval sticker in the same font as the name on the box – Sweetie Pie, Oh, Honey!, etc. Free advertising for any student’s notebook, laptop, etc. Very smart marketing!


They are available at Ulta for an additional $1 over regular eylure lashes ($6.99 USD). I am sure that is to pay for the Katy Perry adverts, but in reality an unnecessary cost (and the only thing I could find to hold against the product).

I love this brand and I will definitely use them over and over and over. I hope you take a try at these lashes – if you get some, tell me in the comments, which one’s you would try. I love them and have started wearing them to work on a daily basis.


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