Is Your Eyeshadow As Important As What Goes Under It?

The other night I did a little experiment with my eye makeup. The results are rather disturbing, I think. Makes me think that this eyeshadow is not that great – at least not as great as everyone makes it out to be.

The night I did my Vlog, I wore purples. I was really lazy that day, and I didn’t wear eyeshadow to work. Instead I just applied my face and cheek makeup. For my Vlog, I wore MAC. I applied it without a primer (no UDPP, no TFSI, etc). The results were shocking. The usually highly pigmented purples didn’t show up on my lid. I had to go back and reapply over and over to make it pop. For a combination I have worn multiple times, this was not something I was used to. Finally satisfied with the look, I made my video.

Last night (Friday) I went to see Avatar in IMAX (I’ve already seen it in 3D). In honor of the Na’Vi, I wore blue MAC and Urban Decay shadows. I was in a rush because I spent too much time on my hair. I skipped the primer step and applied just a base. I used the Painterly Paint Pot by MAC – one of my Holy Grail items. For my lid color, I applied MAC’s Tilt and I am sad to say that by the end of the night the color had all but faded and brushed off. The Urban Decay I put in the crease had done the same.

The results of this experiment tell me that for me personally PRIMER + BASE = PERFECT EYE SHADOW. I will no longer be cutting corners. I will be applying both at all times and not worrying that my makeup is going to come off. My face is really broken out at the moment (from a combination of things I think) , but my eyes have not been affected.

So my thoughts on the topic are as follows.
Maybe the shadow isn’t as important as we think. 
Maybe it’s what goes underneath the shadow.

I have now learned for my face the shadow has to have a primer and a base. I am going to take some of my drugstore makeup and try to do some looks and see how long it stays in comparison to my “designer” makeup.

I just had to share how disappointed I was that my makeup didn’t stay on either evening.


6 thoughts on “Is Your Eyeshadow As Important As What Goes Under It?

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