Infinity Series Book 2

It’s an honor and a privilege to share with you Book 2 of the Infinity Series by C.C. Dowling. If the cover doesn’t grab your attention, the summary will! But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. 


Sometimes our past… isn’t the only thing that haunts us

There isn’t anything eighteen-year-old Conduit Liv Hartley loves more than death-defying stunts: dimensional porthole jumps off tall buildings, stealing other Conduit’s assignments, and ignoring a demon’s summons. Granted, she used to love something more, someone more. But that was before she took his soul to the Otherworld. Now, all she has to look forward to are the empty classes he’ll never fill, and a stalker angel intent on pestering her as she works.

When that same angel takes a teaching job at her school, she knows she won’t be able to stay away from him, just like she can’t stay away from the ghosts of her past and the people she’s hurt. Okay, so mainly, she’d like to stay away from Asher and Kane. It’s an impossible wish since Asher keeps reminding her she has a job to do.

They’re right. She has several jobs. Being a better daughter to her sick mother and a better friend to the ones she’s got are at the top of her list. Now, she has to deal with a new Conduit in town and a gift from her caseworker that feels more like a curse.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

Mana ~ Part One is the second book in the Infinity Series, and the first in a three-part serial. Yes, there will be cliffhangers. No, you don’t need to worry. The next serial will be out soon!

Mana ~ Part Two is already on preorder! You can claim your copy here:

Author Bio

C.C. Dowling is an author who writes everything from gritty urban fantasy, to paranormal sci-fi.

C.C. shares her love of writing with her love of singing, music, and science. She spent the first half of her college life performing, and the second half in a lab.

C.C. currently lives in America’s finest city, with her husband (the financial shaman), her two children (who love to play in the yard with the faeries), and her very real pet dragon (who guards the perimeter of her house at night). 

When she’s not working or writing (which is still technically working), C.C. can be found playing a round of disc golf, or desperately trying to figure out which pair of sandals are the most appropriate for the harsh Southern California winters.

You can find C.C. at her websiteTwitter, Instagram, and on her official author Facebook group, Misfits & Mayhem. She’d love for all the misfits to join the mayhem.

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