In Memory: DC Navy Yard

In Memory: DC Navy Yard

Navy Yard

You hear about events on the news and through social media that shake you up and make you think, “WOW! What was that person thinking?” Then you usually say a prayer to whatever higher power you believe in (if you do) for those people who lost their lives. Out of the 13 people killed in this tragic event, this one struck a bit too close to home. One of the people killed was from the area I just moved from and my husband has a lot of nerd friends that work there. One of them actually lost a coworker.

Navy Yard Shooter

The details are still fuzzy on why the 34 year-old-gunman, Aaron Alexis, attacked the people he did or why he even did what he did. It’s believed he had PTSD – a very real, very deadly disorder many people suffer after surviving horrific situations. Whatever the cause, 13 people are dead (including the gunman), 8 more injured, ¬†and the whole situation could have been avoided. We must never forget those people that woke up and went to work as if it were any other day, not knowing that day was going to be their last.

So far, 7 of the 12 people have been identified.

    1. Michael Arnold, 59.
    2. Sylvia Frasier, 53
    3. Kathy Gaarde, 62.
    4. John Roger Johnson, 73.
    5. Frank Kohler, 50.
    6. Bernard Proctor, 46.
    7. Vishnu Pandit, 61.

Naturally this is raising a huge debate over gun control. That’s an issue to discuss at a later date. September is turning into a very violent month filled with memorials. My heart goes out to those that this tragedy impacted.

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