MAC Bronzed Goddess Nails

MAC Bronzed Goddess Nails

I am not sure why I of all people do, but I think I have some of the most amazing subscribers on youtube and followers on twitter and right here on my blog. They are so amazing that I have received a gift from one because it was sold out in my MAC store. She had an extra and sent it my way.Awwwe, THANKS JESSICA for sending me the MAC Mercenary nail polish from the Style Warriors collection. I absolutely LOVED Violet Fire but this stuff is even better!

2009 07 02_1297
MAC Mercenary

You know the drill, apply your base coat – I use OPI’s Nail Strengthener – then put on 1/2 gallon of your MAC nail polish because it’s so streaky you have to build the color. Well, I will say I was pleasantly surprised when I started applying this nail polish. I don’t know if they did something different, if my bottle was out of the ordinary, or what, but it went on perfectly, streak free and only took 2 coats to get the desired color.

I also filed and buffed my nails a bit more than usual as my lack of working this summer is allowing my nails to grow. Since I actually have some length, I squared off the ones I could and their (IMO) “professionally manicured look” just made the polish look that much better.

I threw on my OPI Top Coat and went on about my business. Their has been very little chipping and the color has held up amazingly to all the typing and texting I do! If you have this polish pull it out 😉 Let’s be bronzed goddesses together!

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